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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is Micro Focus changing its Product Support Lifecycle policy?

A: Due to various mergers and acquisitions, Micro Focus has been supporting its products under three different policies. We have reviewed these policies, and have adopted the policy that provides the best support to our customers. We believe this policy will help you bridge the gap between existing and emerging technologies, and will provide you more value from your investment with Micro Focus. We hope you agree that these changes strengthen our ongoing effort to be your software vendor of choice.

Q: Is the Micro Focus policy competitive with the industry?

A: Yes. Our policy is on par with other software vendors, and more generous than most in the industry.

Q: When does this change take effect?

A: November 1, 2019

Q: Which products are affected?

A: All products not already on this policy, will move to this policy November 1, 2019, except the ITOM products.

Q: What is changing?

A: Following are the key changes:

  1. Continued access to technical support for customers with an active Support agreement. As a consequence, the Self-Help period is being removed, and there will no longer be an end-date for the Extended Support period.
  2. When a product releases, Micro Focus will now communicate the time period the entire major product stream will remain in Committed Support. Additional support detail will be provided for minor versions as they release. Suites will continue to publish consistent support dates per Suite release.
  3. Security products will transition from a version-based model to a time-based model.

Q: What does it mean for Security products to move from a version-based policy to a time-based policy?

A: Under the previous policy, Security supported the current and previous minor versions of the current major version, as well as the last minor version of the previous major version for 24 months from the date of when the next major version released. Under the new policy, rather than having customers wait to see when the next product version released to realize how long they would be supported on the current product release, the Security organization makes an up-front commitment to support their major version release streams for a pre-defined period of time. This provides the customer with consistency and predictability.

Q: Are customers required to maintain an active Support agreement to access the Lifecycle benefits?

A: Yes.

Q: What happens to products currently in End of Support or Self-Help RTNV?

A: In general, products that are already in End of Support or Self-Help support will not move back to Extended Support. But check product specific details November 1, 2019.

Q: Will there be any changes in the future?

A: Watch for a new look and feel to our Product Support Lifecycle table in the upcoming months.

Q: Where may I learn more about the Product Support Lifecycle policy?

A: View the following materials:

Q: Where may I find the customer announcement?

A: View the announcement here

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