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Product Support Lifecycle Policy – IT Operations Management

This policy applies to the Micro Focus IT Operations Management (ITOM) SoftwareGrp products. For all other Micro Focus products, see the Product Support Lifecycle policy.

The Micro Focus Product Support Lifecycle policy for IT Operations Management products defines the level of support provided for a product release as it ages through its lifecycle. Providing predictable and consistent support aids customers as they plan, test, and deploy newer product versions.

Visit the Product Support Lifecycle table for product-specific details and dates.

See a summary of the benefits available with an active Support agreement in the chart below, and read more detail in the descriptions under the chart.




3-4 years* 2 years 4 years
Software Updates
New: Major, Minor, Service Pack & Suite releases;
Already released: Patches, Hotfixes & Security Updates
Yes Yes Yes
Self-Help Resources (knowledge base, forums, documentation & more) Yes Yes Yes
Technical Support Yes Yes Requires an additional fee
Defect Support (new Patches and Hotfixes) Yes Requires Extended Support Plus if available Requires Extended Support Plus if available
New Security Updates Yes Requires Extended Support Plus if available Requires Extended Support Plus if available
Enhancement Requests Yes No No

ⱡ Some countries or products may require an additional fee for technical support for products in the Extended Support period.

Committed Support

Committed Support begins when a new major or minor version of a product or a version of a suite is released, and continues for the duration listed in the Product Support Lifecycle table. During the Committed Support period, the purchase of a Support Plan includes access to software updates, technical support, self-help resources, defect support, critical security updates, and the ability to submit enhancement requests.

Extended Support

Extended Support is intended to be an interim solution for customers who are moving to the most current version of a product, but need additional time to make the transition. When Committed Support ends, a major or minor product version (or a Suite version) enters the Extended Support period for 2 years. During a product version's Extended Support period, customers continuing to pay for Support will receive access to technical support, self-help resources and software updates, excluding new requests for patches, hotfixes and security updates.

For select products, Extended Support Plus may be purchased at an additional fee to Support, for more comprehensive technical support, critical defect support and critical security updates.

Extended Support Plus

If your schedule requires you to stay on a product longer, Extended Support Plus may be available during the Extended Support phase for select products at an additional fee to Support, allowing you to continue to receive Critical Security Updates and Defect Support for Severity 1 issues.

To see if Extended Support Plus is available for your product, see the Product Support Lifecycle table. For information regarding pricing, contact your Micro Focus Sales Representative.

Self-Help Support

When a product exits Extended Support, customers with active Support agreements will continue to receive access to self-help resources and software updates, excluding defect support and security updates, for a period of 4 years.

If access to technical support is critical, contact your Micro Focus Sales Representative to request Technical Support for an additional fee.

Software Updates

Software Updates may include Major versions, Minor versions, Service Packs, Suite releases, Patches, Hotfixes, or Security Updates. For details about these product release types, see the Business Support Agreement.

During both the Committed and Extended Support periods, customers with an active Support agreement may request license keys, and may download new and existing versions of Major, Minor, Service Pack, and Suite releases, as well as already released Patches, Hotfixes and Security Updates.

New Patches, Hotfixes, and Security Updates are available during Committed Support, and only become available during Extended Support with the purchase of an Extended Support Plus plan.

Micro Focus advises customers to install the latest product releases and software updates to remain as secure as possible, and to leverage the latest features available. Older products may not meet today's more demanding security requirements or provide the latest competitive functionality.

Technical Support

If a solution isn't found using the Self-Help resources, customers may open a case directly with Technical Support during the Committed and Extended Support periods of the lifecycle. Micro Focus provides global access to support experts who can diagnose and resolve issues as well as give advice on Micro Focus product features.

During the Extended Support period issues will only be escalated to Engineering for Defect Support if Extended Support Plus has been purchased.

For business critical environments with products in the Extended Support period, the services of a Premium Support Engineer are recommended. See Premium Support for more information.

For products with an "End of Support" status, technical support may be available for an additional fee. Ask your Micro Focus representative for details.

Self-Help Resources

Take advantage of our online, around the clock, self-help resources; such as our knowledge base, documentation, installation guides, and much more. Join the conversation in our Communities and Forums with experts and colleagues to get advice, discuss issues and find solutions.

Defect Support

Committed Support Period

During the Committed Support period, Defect Support is available, with corrections made available in the form of Patches, Hotfixes, Security Updates and field test files. Customers may continue to receive technical support on any minor version, service pack, suite release or patch update while the version is in the Committed Support period; however, as part of the resolution of an issue, customers may be asked to update to a later software version with the defect correction.

Defects are evaluated and prioritized to ensure the most critical issues are remedied. Certain defects may be scheduled for resolution in a later release of the product.

Extended Support Period

During the Extended Support phase, Defect Support for Severity 1 issues will be available for select products with the purchase of Extended Support Plus.

Critical Security Updates

Keeping your environment secure is our utmost priority. We react promptly to security incidents and deliver critical security updates during the Committed Support period.

Customers purchasing Extended Support Plus can continue to get critical security updates during a product's Extended Support phase.

Enhancement Requests

During the Committed Support period, customers may submit requests to enhance the functionality or design of a product. These requests will be reviewed and prioritized for consideration for current or future products.

Third Party Products and Dependent Components

Third Party Products are non-embedded products developed by a Third Party software manufacturer and sold by Micro Focus as a result of the Third Party's authorization to do so. Dependent Components are underlying operating systems, adjacent or integrated applications, or software that is required to operate Micro Focus branded software product. Examples include and are not limited to: web browsers, databases, operating systems, runtime environments, and virtualization software.

Micro Focus products that integrate with Dependent Components or are provided by Third Party vendors, will be supported according to the Product Support Lifecycle described on this page, unless the vendor of a Dependent Component or Third Party Product stops providing defect support or cancels the agreement with Micro Focus to sell or support the product. In this situation, Support for the affected Micro Focus branded software product will immediately move to Extended Support. Micro Focus will continue to provide Self-Help resources as available, technical support related to the product's functionality and interoperability in line with the Micro Focus branded software product's original parameters and requirements at the time of release; and access to currently existing software updates, patches, and hot fixes. No additional software updates, patches, or hot fixes will be provided for the product.

More information

View the Business Support Agreement for more detail regarding the benefits you receive with a Business Support Plan.

View the Product Support Lifecycle table, for product-specific details and dates.

View Additional License Authorizations (ALA) for license terms and parameters for SoftwareGrp migrations to replacement products.

Download Software Updates.

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