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Field Developed Solutions

Our flagship products are developed, updated, and enhanced regularly.

Even the most proactive development efforts can’t address every unique technical requirement our clients encounter during their migration and modernization projects.

Micro Focus’s Professional Services teams all around the world confront these challenges regularly because they’re constantly involved in supporting customer solution delivery projects. And if they encounter requirements that, for any reason, can’t be addressed by the core functionality of a Micro Focus product, our Professional Services team may be able to create what we refer to as Field Developed Solutions (FDS).

Field Developed Solutions

FDS are used to overcome challenges which might otherwise hurt project progress or slow down delivery timeframes. FDS are regularly maintained and enhanced in response to new and changing customer requirements.

For example, certain job scheduler vendors have worked with Micro Focus development to integrate their scheduling technology within Micro Focus Server Enterprise Edition. Because other vendors have not completed integrations like this, this integration typically needs to be built by the systems integrator or customer staff involved in the project. Micro Focus Professional services has created a configurable FDS that enables basic integration with any job scheduler to be quickly accomplished.

This service, and many like it, can enable you to respond more rapidly to urgent requirements and can mean a much faster and more cost-effective resolution to the technical challenges you face.

Hundreds of FDS have already been provided by Micro Focus to its Clients to resolve a vast array of technical challenges, supporting our migration, modernization and testing solutions.

For a complete list of available FDS, please refer to the FDS Catalog.

For more information on Field Developed Solutions, please contact your Micro Focus Services Sales Representative or email to

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