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Enterprise File Sync and Share

Delivering critical file sync, sharing, storage, and print services to enterprise organizations of all sizes.

Protect Your Enterprise File Shares

Enterprise file sharing requires high levels of security, accountability, thorough controls, and other features that empower IT to protect the enterprise. Micro Focus provides an approach that offers true enterprise file sharing, real-time collaborative co-editing, secure mobile access, and more.

Secure File Sharing

Filr serves as the connection between your file servers and the endpoint devices in your organization. Because Filr connects to users’ home directories and shared network folders, the data backup and security systems that your IT department has put in place can remain in force.

Secure File Sharing

Open Enterprise Server

End users love the convenience. IT loves the simplicity and security. Simply open your Filr folders and have access to the latest version of every file you’ve got—whether it’s through a desktop, mobile device, or web browser. Sharing files with others is now a snap.


Content Management

Content Manager classifies content and records automatically, based on detailed categories. Content Manager enables authorized access to mission-critical business information for compliance, productivity, and knowledge management use cases.

Content Management

File Reporter for OES

When you have a comprehensive analysis of all the files and associated access rights across your OES network, you have the information you need to make all necessary decisions for optimizing and securing your data.


Continuous Compliance Case Studies

See the Proof

Continuous Compliance Resources

Choosing Governance-Based Enterprise Content Management

Buyer’s guide for electronic records and content management.

File Sync and Share with Filr

Micro Focus Filr provides file access and sharing from any device. Users get what they want; you remain in control of your files and security.

What’s New in Open Enterprise Server 2023?

Explore the new features and capabilities in Open Enterprise Server 2023.

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