What is Automated Testing?

Automated testing is the process of using technology to execute tests throughout the software testing lifecycle. Automated testing uses a variety of tests to deliver quality software faster.

New application architectures, such as composite/hybrid applications, cloud computing networks, and mobile platforms introduce enormous challenges to today’s functional testing teams, many of which are not equipped with the tools and knowledge to rise to the challenges. Iterative development processes such as Agile bring the need to test modern applications sooner, faster, and with less information available about the application; this requires an unprecedented level of cooperation among development, testing, and operations. Complex apps, increased platform coverage, and faster releases have led to a dire need for more investment in both manual and automated testing practices.

Why automated testing?

More than 80 percent of today's cyber attacks target applications. An integrated, holistic, approach to application security is crucial for agile development. Businesses need to systematically test and scan all applications, whether they're developed in-house, by a third-party, open source or off-the-shelf.

Automated testing allows businesses to:

  • Accurately test a mix of mobile and Internet users, reducing the risk of performance bottleneck when bringing new mobile applications to production
  • Decrease the risk of deploying systems that do not meet performance requirements
  • Shorten test cycles to accelerate delivery of high-quality applications
  • Pinpoint end-user, system-level, and code-level bottlenecks rapidly and with ease
  • Reduce cost of application downtime related to performance issues in production

Automated testing solutions

Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing solutions make automated testing more efficient by significantly reducing the cost and complexity of the functional testing process while driving continuous change.

Micro Focus offers a number of automated testing solutions including:

  • Mobile testing – Mobile app testing solutions that test all aspects of the mobile experience.
  • Quality management – Software that helps you optimize quality, reduce costs and deliver applications faster.
  • Application test software – Solution that helps you define, build, test and deliver applications along the software development lifecycle.
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