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What is B2B Federated Access?



Identity information that safely crosses business boundaries

NetIQ Access Manager by OpenText™ gives businesses and organizations a simple and secure way to provide controlled access to information when they need it, from wherever they are. Now you can deliver simple access to employees, customers, and partners using standards-based access management technologies that make it easy to securely share information across business and infrastructure boundaries.

In today's era of cross business collaboration, more than ever before businesses are working together to develop integrated solutions and market new complementary offerings. In order for this cross-pollination to happen, trusted business partners must be able to securely access specific information relevant to them without any access to non-relevant protected information. And that's where federated access delivers value. With Access Manager in place, your organization can guarantee and document access control and information confidentiality.

Access Manager is built on a solid foundation of SAML and WS-Federation standards to deliver federated access. In most environments this foundation eliminates interoperability issues between external partners or internal workgroups. In fact, Access Manager's features enables secure access for all your federation partners without the need for programming or development resources. Your administrators can configure different single sign-on policies for different types of users that may need access. So whether they are different departments within the same organization or external business partners, information is made available securely and barrier-free.



Access Manager was built with interoperability in mind. Its architecture provides cross-platform support for any standard HTTP Web server, including Microsoft IIS and Apache. Access Manager also seamlessly integrates with the following applications (among others):

  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • IBM WebSphere
  • BEA WebLogic
  • JBoss

To meet your administration needs, Management Console is extraordinarily flexible. It allows you to delegate administration for:

  • Identity servers
  • Access gateways
  • SSL VPNs
  • Java agents
  • Devices
  • Policies

These powerful features make it much simpler for you to maintain access control across your entire enterprise.

Business–to–Business Federated Access

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