What is Endpoint Protection?

Endpoint protection or Endpoint data protection deals with protecting unmanaged endpoint data in a secure, central hub. For organizations, endpoint protection enables them to manage and control endpoint information via appropriate backup, sharing, and retention policies. For end-users, it empowers them with anytime, anywhere access to the endpoint data from any device, and self-managed data restore options.

Why endpoint protection?

Organizations need endpoint protection for business continuity assurance when endpoint devices are lost or stolen, or when they experience irrecoverable hardware or software failure. Endpoint protection helps organizations to restore data during cyberattacks such as ransomware attacks. It enables organizations to take control of the endpoint information with policy-based management, and reduces exposure to legal and financial risk with defensible auditing and e-Discovery or early case assessment.

Endpoint protection solutions

Connected MX is endpoint protection software that addresses the challenges of managing mobile information in a dispersed corporate environment and delivers mobile workforce productivity at the edge and business assurance at the core.

It enables organizations to:

  • Meet business assurance objectives with automatic, continuous, and extensible endpoint protection.
  • Take control of endpoint information with policy-based management.
  • Reduce exposure to legal and financial risk with defensible auditing and e-Discovery or early case assessment.
  • Let employees to securely preview, access, download, and share information on any device and with any consumer.
  • Analyze and visualize mobile information to support data-driven decision making.
  • Leverage existing IT investments and address future growth needs with service or application integration points.
  • Improve and enhance organizational productivity with end-user conveniences that do not compromise business assurance requirements.
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