What Is Operations Management?

Operations management is responsible for the execution, monitoring, control, and maintenance of an organization’s applications, services, and IT infrastructure.Operations management is responsible for driving efficiency through Automation and ensuring stable levels of service.

Why operations management?

The massive amount of data continuously flowing through today’s IT organizations has made problem detection and remediation infinitely more challenging. In addition, the associated costs and resources required has placed the need for Automation at the forefront of CIO agendas. Operations management solutions can help businesses automate tasks to drive efficiencies, orchestrate processes with speed and agility to evolve their IT service model, and transform the support and delivery of services to modernize the customer experience.

Operations management solutions

Micro Focus IT Operations management (ITOM) solutions help IT organizations automate tasks to drive efficiency across virtualized data centers, orchestrate processes with speed and agility and transform the support and delivery of services to modernize the customer experience. Micro Focus offers a variety of operations management solutions including:

Automation – Solutions to help automate IT tasks and drive efficiencies

  • IT service management – ITSM that provides a quality optimized service desk that adds value to the business.
  • Data center automation – Scalable solution that accelerates provisioning, patching and compliance to achieve an SDDC.
  • IT event correlation & management – Operations bridge solution that provides the ability to sense, analyze and manage IT services.
  • Network monitoring – Automated network management solutions that monitor and manage your network to reduce cost, avoid interruptions and deliver performance.
  • Storage resource management – Solution that helps you reduce total costs of storage operations and increase productivity.
  • Performance monitoring – Solutions that provide a 360° view to ensure performance of apps on all devices and in all environments.

Orchestration – Cloud solutions to increase speed of delivery in heterogeneous hybrid cloud environment

  • Cloud services – Cloud management software that makes it easy for your business to benefit from secure, compliant cloud services.
  • Continuous deployment – Solution that provides Automation and release management of complex applications across application lifecycle.
  • DevOps – Solutions that unify development and operations to accelerate innovation and meet market demands.
  • Enterprise architecture – Solution that helps identify waste and redundancies and drive Transformation.
  • API management – Software that manages the lifecycle of APIs, apps and integrations within heterogeneous environments and SOA.

Transformation – Solutions to modernize user experience for cloud and traditional applications.

  • Service broker – IT solution that provides a single user experience and unified hub for applications and services.
  • Synthetic monitoring – Web application monitoring service for websites, mobile, cloud, SaaS apps that lets you see the perspective of your user.
  • Mobile monitoring – Tool that tracks the real user experience of your mobile apps.
  • Project and portfolio management – Standardizes, manages, captures execution and operational activities to provide critical information.
  • Application monitoring – Solution that provides code level visibility for problem solving at the transaction level.
  • User experience management – Solutions to help you automate and accelerate the delivery of user-focused apps by isolating user experience issues from user actions.

Operations management events

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