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What’s Your Version?

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Four reasons to upgrade your Software

Get Full ROI

Take advantage of significant feature and functionality improvements as we continue to innovate your Micro Focus software.

Minimize TCO

Reduce your need for workarounds to address changing hardware, operating systems or new applications and get the latest software versions.

Increase Resilience

Ensure business continuity by having the latest security updates, and mitigating risks associated with older software versions.

Protect Investments

Adopt new technology and embrace digital transformation for a competitive advantage by keeping your core investments current.

Engage with our experts

We have the experience and expertise to ensure an upgrade goes smoothly and achieves the greatest benefit to your business.

Join the community

Join in peer-to-peer discussions around both technical and support questions. Get top tips and insights into product roadmaps and much more.

Our Latest Version Upgrades

DevOps Cloud

IT Operations Cloud

Application Modernization


AI Cloud

Don’t see your product? Check the full list of our latest versions.

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