Quantifying the Value of Micro Focus ControlPoint File Analysis Software for Managing Unstructured Data

Download this ESG Economic Value Validation of Micro Focus ControlPoint

This report will allow to you see how you can use ControlPoint to manage the complexity of unstructured dark data, embrace automation to lower capital and operational expenses, reduce risk, and simplify the processes around remaining compliant for data cleanup, management, and remediation.

ESG conducted a detailed Economic Value Validation (EVV) and developed a quantitative model examining how an investment to better manage unstructured data with Micro Focus ControlPoint file analysis software can benefit an organization over a three-year period.

Highlights of ESG Economic Value Validation revealed:

  • 450% Return on Investment (ROI)
  • 64% Lower Cost of Compliance
  • 2X Lower Storage TCO

ESG found that Micro Focus ControlPoint can help organizations by reducing the amount of data that must be managed and stored, automating extremely time consuming and ineffective processes around managing unstructured data and compliance related activities, and greatly reducing risk through enforcement of automated security policies and reducing (or even eliminating) human error.

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