Information Archiving Safe Landing Program

Information Archiving Safe Landing Program

Migrate your most valuable asset (your enterprise information) to trusted, proven archiving technology from Micro Focus to manage information risk as demands evolve and the market shifts

Increasing investigative and legal scrutiny, plus evolving privacy and regulatory requirements are forcing information archiving providers to progress.  Some vendors have elected not to address these evolving requirements, while others are making it difficult for customers to manage information risk.  As such, customers are being exposed to material risk, and many are looking for a safe landing zone where they can protect and govern their data with confidence.

A Methodical, Auditable Migration Program

Micro Focus offers a program to simplify the migration of data from archiving providers that are not evolving solutions, ending development and/or support for their products, and/or who are experiencing business disruption due to substantial internal turmoil.  Customers who switch will benefit from special pricing, a simple migration process, and the ability to leverage Micro Focus Digital Safe 10 and Retain 4.4.  This program is especially suited for current customers of archiving solutions delivered by Smarsh, Actiance, Veritas and CA/Orchestria.

Micro Focus delivers the safe landing that organizations demand for their archived information because we:

  • Have deep domain expertise amassed over years as a pioneer in the market
  • Have honed the migration process with dozens of customers and petabytes of information over time
  • Offer our customers flexibility in how they solve the problem (on-premises or in the cloud)
  • Have prioritized and continue to invest in its information archiving portfolio (e.g., DS10)
  • Have optimized its products for evolving market requirements like GDPR, MiFID II and others
  • Are backed by a stable, sound business that operates the 7th largest pure play software company in the world

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Micro Focus Information Archiving Safe Landing Program
Information Archiving Safe Landing Program
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