Six Things You Need for Service-Aware Monitoring That Your Cloud Provider Won't Provide


The dirty little secret in the cloud monitoring and operations game. Research shows by 2022 over 90% of organizations will be relying on mix of private, multiple public clouds, and on-premises solutions to meet their infrastructure demands. Further, over the next two years, analysts at ESG projects a 45% increase in the number of organizations running more than 30% of their production applications on public cloud infrastructure.

Having end-to-end observability is a key contributor to successfully supporting digital business operations, yet many organizations still lack the tools needed to monitor and optimize business services across public, private, and on-premises environments holistically. This paper sheds light on the deficiencies of public cloud tools and provides recommendations on what to look for in tools that can do the job, right, across hybrid IT.

Download this white paper from David Linthicum, GigaOM analyst, where you will learn more about the critical requirements needed to monitor multicloud environments and why public cloud providers don't make the grade.

Foundations of cloud monitoring and operations
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Tue Jan 24 15:06:15 PST 2023