The State of Analytics in IT Operations

What AI capabilities are embedded into the IT Ops management tools you already own, and how can you leverage them? Get the report today.

IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) is the No. 1 application of AI technology that businesses are considering today. But that should come as no surprise, given the potential benefits of the technology in making IT operations management more proactive more efficient—and more cost effective.

IT Operations Analytics, also called AIOps or cognitive operations, starts with the collection of monitoring and other operations data to find patterns or anomalies that provide operational insights you can use.

"Fortunately, IT Ops specialists don’t need training in analytics to benefit from the technology. But you should be familiar with the kinds of analytics in use today for IT operations, including the analytics capabilities embedded in IT operations management tools you already own."

And you should know when to seek guidance from other teams in your organization– security, big data, business intelligence teams, for example—when you have questions or want to improve your analytical skills.

Here are just a few areas where IT Operations Analytics can have a positive impact on your IT operations management strategy:

  • Expedited issue resolution for IT service management
  • Rapid anomaly detection and resolution via ChatOps
  • Anomaly detection and root cause analysis in the cloud

Get up to speed quickly on what’s happening with IT Operations Analytics in all areas of IT operations—and get expert advice on how to apply it to your own organization. Use the form at right to download ”The State of Analytics in IT Operations” white paper today.

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