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The Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust implemented the latest edition of ZENworks Configuration Management to standardize the IT estates of two hospitals


The Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust is a large acute hospital trust based in Kent, employing approximately 4,750 full-time staff. The Trust's most recent project has been the construction of a new £226 million hospital in Tunbridge Wells, which will be the first English NHS hospital to provide all patients with single suite rooms.


Kent and Sussex and Pembury hospitals. As part of this consolidation process, the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust is performing a large-scale migration of the two existing hospitals' IT estates to the new hospital site. The first phase of the project is the transfer and upgrade of Pembury Hospital's IT estate, with the reassignment of the Kent and Sussex hospital's IT resources to follow at a later stage.

"Our fundamental challenge was to standardize all desktops from the Pembury and Kent and Sussex hospitals to create a consistent IT platform. We wanted to ensure that all applications were broadly available and not just on selective PCs," said David Wyndham-Lewis, IT Infrastructure and Development Manager, Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust.

The Trust also wanted to ensure that the new Tunbridge Wells hospital's IT environment was optimally adapted to suit the needs of clinicians. "In particular, we were looking to streamline log-in systems to allow clinicians to spend less time signing into their desktops and more time interacting with patients," said Wyndham-Lewis.


To create a standard desktop environment for the new Tunbridge Wells Hospital, the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust decided to expand and update its ZENworks Configuration Management solution.

"We have used ZENworks for many years for application delivery with consistently good results," said Wyndham-Lewis. "Equally, the success we achieved in implementing ZENworks Configuration Management in the Kent Oncology Centre was critical in our decision to opt for ZENworks Configuration Management over alternative solutions such as Microsoft SMS." With the help of Partner Healthcare Integration Partners, the Trust transferred all of Pembury Hospital's 300 existing legacy PCs, together with 150 supplementary PCs, to the new Tunbridge Wells hospital site. "Healthcare Integration Partners have been invaluable in helping us work through the few technical problems which have arisen during the move," said Wyndham-Lewis.

The Trust used the imaging capabilities of ZENworks Configuration Management to create a standard base image, which it deployed to all 450 user workstations at the new hospital. The Trust then employed the ENGL Imaging Toolkit to layer supplementary images on top of this standard image. This enabled multiple makes and models of desktop to be customized with drivers and applications appropriate to their function in the hospital.

"The entire imaging and deployment process took only four weeks to complete," said Wyndham-Lewis. "When a user at the new hospital logs into a desktop, they will now have guaranteed access to the appropriate applications for their role and department."

ZENworks Configuration Management has enabled the Trust to create customized clinical application terminals. These terminals will ultimately give clinicians direct access to the applications they require without having to log into Windows.

Plans are also underway to use ZENworks Asset Management to audit software license usage at the new hospital. "We plan to use ZENworks Asset Management to establish which applications are being regularly used on which machines," said Wyndham-Lewis. "This will enable us to meet license demands by re-distributing licensed applications between desktops, rather than incur extra expenditure by purchasing additional licenses."


The implementation of ZENworks Configuration Management has enabled the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust to complete the first stage of its project to build a consistent operating environment at the new Tunbridge Wells Hospital.

"Using ZENworks Configuration Management, we were able to standardize and deploy 450 desktops to the new Tunbridge Wells hospital in just four weeks," said Wyndham-Lewis. "This has played a major role in the successful transfer of Pembury Hospital IT resources."

In addition, the project has set a precedent for the procedures which will be carried out during the upcoming transfer of IT resources from the Kent and Sussex Hospital. "Once the same imaging process is completed for PCs based at the Kent and Sussex Hospital, we will be able to fully integrate the IT resources from both former hospitals at the new hospital site," said Wyndham-Lewis.

The implementation of ZENworks Configuration Management will also enable the Trust to meet the IT requirements of clinicians at the new hospital. "We hope that clinicians will be particularly pleased with new clinical application terminals, which will accelerate log-in processes, freeing up more time to devote to patients," said Wyndham-Lewis. "What's more, ZENworks Configuration Management allows us to be very responsive to staff requests for the deployment of new applications, minimizing delays which might adversely affect patient care and the business of the Trust."

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Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust case study
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