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Case study

To provide vital IT services across 15 locations, Wuppermann Business Services relies on its extensive portfolio of Micro Focus solutions


The Wuppermann Group operates a continuous manufacturing process, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and relies on its IT systems to support smooth operations. From the core manufacturing management systems and plant technology to back-office applications, IT plays a key role in keeping production lines rolling.

For Wuppermann Business Services, implementing the group’s digital transformation strategy is a top priority and includes ensuring that employees across the enterprise have easy access to the tools they need to get on with their jobs.

Klaus Dielacher, Head of Central IT Services Group at Wuppermann Business Services, begins: “In a fast-paced world where ever more processes are becoming digitalized, making sure that staff across the Wuppermann Group can collaborate easily and efficiently via email, calendaring, print and file-sharing services is essential. We need a reliable foundation to deliver rapid IT services.”


Highly satisfied with the capabilities of a wide range of Micro Focus® solutions, Wuppermann Business Services has continuously expanded its use of Micro Focus software over a period of more than 20 years.

Klaus Dielacher elaborates: “It’s hard to remember a time before Micro Focus ZENworks®. We use ZENworks Asset Management and ZENworks Configuration Management to remotely manage around 600 desktops across the 15 locations, enabling us to roll out updates with ease. Even upgrading to Microsoft Windows 10 was as simple as creating a master image with the new operating system and pushing it out via ZENworks.”

For many years, Wuppermann Business Services has been working closely with technology partner Bechtle GmbH IT System House Solingen, the Micro Focus specialist within Bechtle AG. Klaus Dielacher adds: “Support from Bechtle has always been fantastic. The experts at Bechtle have deep know-how and expertise which helps us to get the most out of our Micro Focus solutions.”

Holger Riedelbauch, Senior Consultant at Bechtle, adds: “We are also satisfied with the support services we receive from Micro Focus—they are always there to answer any questions.”

Beyond ZENworks, Wuppermann Business Services relies on other solutions from the Micro Focus Open Workgroup Suite, such as GroupWise® for email, Filr for flexible file sharing, Vibe® to support collaboration within the IT team and Micro Focus iPrint for managing print services.

Underpinning many of the IT services are Micro Focus Open Enterprise Server and NetIQ eDirectory™. Klaus Dielacher remarks: “While we regularly evaluate alternative solutions on the market, we always come to the conclusion that Micro Focus software meets our requirements best.”


Supported by its Micro Focus and NetIQ solutions, Wuppermann Business Services can deliver top-notch IT services across the group.

Klaus Dielacher states: “The level of performance and stability offered by the Micro Focus solutions is second to none. We are particularly impressed with Micro Focus GroupWise—it runs reliably around the clock, ensuring that employees can always communicate with each other. In fact, the GroupWise server in our data center has been running for almost a year without us having to perform any maintenance whatsoever. This saves a lot of time and effort, so we can focus our attention on end-user services.”

The addition of Micro Focus Filr has been another success. “With Micro Focus Filr, employees can share documents quickly, easily and more securely than before,” says Klaus Dielacher. “It’s a very simple, intuitive solution that makes file sharing really easy for users. Crucially, it means that they aren’t tempted to use third-party services, ensuring that we keep full control over data.”

He concludes: “With Micro Focus solutions underpinning our IT services, we can provide employees with everything they need to get their jobs done—and ensure that production lines keep rolling 24/7.”

What can Micro Focus do for your business?

Wuppermann Business Services GmbH case study

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