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Micro Focus SMAX—AI power. Codeless ease. SaaS agility.

Micro Focus Service Management Automation X (SMAX) is your modern service desk remedy. With AI power, codeless ease, and SaaS agility, SMAX propels your service desk forward—leaving complexity behind. Built-in AI delivers the fast, personalized, engaging experiences users expect. Entirely codeless configurations make designing digital workflows extra easy. As for upgrades, with SMAX SaaS you’re always on the latest release. Get it all for a single, affordable, stable subscription price. Your service desk is at your service.

Superior user experiences, powered by AI

Empower all users to get the services they need—across IT, HR, cloud, finance, and facilities—from a single portal and an aggregated service catalog. With AI-powered self-service search, ticket creation, and smart virtual agents that understand human intentions, users and service agents can open tickets, get instant answers, and resolve issues. Everyone works smarter, faster.

Codeless configurations for greater IT productivity

Shift away from custom coding that slows you down and burdens you with heavy technical debt at upgrade time. When you want to make designing workflows extra easy, you can configure them without writing any code. A range of out-of-the-box processes—including incident, change, service, release, and knowledge management—saves you hours of time. Enjoy working the way that you work best.


SaaS agility and predictable pricing

Accelerate time to value with cloud-native SaaS deployments that leave lengthy installations, ongoing maintenance, and complex upgrades behind. Add new apps and different user roles to meet evolving needs. All functionality is yours from the start—including built-in AI, virtual agents, and CMDB. No expensive add-ons or unexpected renewal rates to surprise you. As for upgrades, with SaaS you’re always on the latest release.

SaaS offers a single, affordable, stable subscription price and multiple license options.

“SMAX provided the integration capabilities we needed and supports our ITIL-driven processes for full governance. We can also see the potential for operational cost savings.”
“The slogan for this project was ‘zero customization’ as the belief is that SMAX can accommodate any requirement.”
“SMAX empowered our users with a simplified service model and increased our first contact issue resolution rate from nine to over 45 percent. We also achieved an ongoing cost saving of 40 percent in 2020.”
“Moving from several ITSM solutions and implementing SMAX has reduced our TCO drastically across infrastructure, maintenance, and teams—even with expanding into non-IT use cases.”

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