A Service Desk
with Cost Control

Micro Focus SMAX stops unwanted costs from seeping in.

All SMAX functionality is yours from the start—including built-in automation, AI, and machine learning—for a single, affordable, stable subscription price with multiple license options. There’s no need to pay more for extra functionality or role-based users. And SMAX does not rely on costly customization work. Entirely codeless configurations set you up for quick, painless, low-cost software updates.

Ready to control your service desk costs?

No surprise costs

You can run SMAX on premises, in the cloud, or via SaaS—and switch seamlessly between environments. No extra functionality costs, no added role-based user costs, no unexpected renewal rates. Everything’s transparent. Everything’s predictable. Everything’s in your control.

no cost

Service desk freedom

Do more with your service desk—without expensive add-ons. With your choice of Express or Premium licensing, you get virtual agents, live support, apps for enterprise service management, and more—all based on AI and machine learning—right from the start.

Service desk freedom

Entirely codeless configurations

Configure your processes and workflows without writing any code. Choose from a range of out-of-the-box processes—including incident, problem, change, service request, release, service catalog, service level, and knowledge management. You’ll spend less time and money on upgrades—and gain instant access to new features.

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"We have noticed a 90 percent increase in use of the service desk since the SMAX implementation, compared with email and phone requests. Our IT organization works much more efficiently, and requests are closed faster."
“SMAX provided the integration capabilities we needed and supports our ITIL-driven processes for full governance. We can also see the potential for operational cost savings.”
"The slogan for this project was ‘zero customization’ as the belief is that SMAX can accommodate any requirement."

Ready to control your service desk costs?

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