Pruebas funcionales

Una solución de pruebas de funcionalidad que simplifica las pruebas y ofrece una experiencia de usuario unificada para obtener mayores ahorros y mejoras en la productividad.

Functional Testing solutions

Integrated portfolio with AI-driven automation for continuous and comprehensive testing of web, mobile, and enterprise applications.

Micro Focus helps customers test earlier and faster by combining a breadth of technology support with AI-driven capabilities to deliver the speed and resiliency required to support rapid application changes within a continuous delivery pipeline. Test any technology, through any browser, and on any mobile device, operating system or form factor, from the cloud or on-premises. We enable automation at scale through tight integration with the DevOps ecosystem of lifecycle management and continuous integration tools.

Storage gear

Manual testers or SMEs can write scripts without modeling or coding.


Developers can be more productive using their framework, language and platform of choice.

Block based replication

Scripts don’t need healing or maintenance.


Intelligent test automation for web, mobile, API, hybrid, RPA, and enterprise apps. Reduce the cost, time spent, and complexity of automating functional testing processes through an intuitive, visual user experience.

Extensive technology support – Mix recorded and script-based GUI and API tests across over 200 applications and environments, including SAP, mainframes, Salesforce, Java, PDF, Citrix, and more
Test continuously – Leverage a broad ecosystem of source control and CI/CD tools that automate functional and regression tests as part of the regular build process to keep agile timelines on track
Parallel execution – test web with full parallel and cross-browser testing coverage, as well as mobile apps across multiple OS platforms and devices in parallel
Unified Functional Testing - UFT One - Screenshot
UFT Developer - LeanFT - ADM
UFT Developer (LeanFT)

A “shift left” solution designed for continuous testing and continuous integration. Combine the best features of code-driven testing with the power of UFT to support Agile and DevOps teams in the creation of tests through an integrated plugin for standard IDEs

BDD and open source technology – Leverage Behavior Driven Development (BDD) frameworks like Cucumber and open source tools such as Selenium and Appium
Object-driven test automation – Embraces the customizability of shift-left testing and the velocity of object-driven test automation with superior record/replay and object identification capabilities
Multi-environment support – Guarantee the fastest possible test execution by running multiple tests in parallel on physical, virtual or dockerized environments
Embedded Service Virtualization – Create realistic simulations of service behavior while saving time and effort with embedded, back-end service virtualization
UFT Mobile (Mobile Center)

Enterprise-level end-to-end lab of real mobile devices and emulators to support building a memorable app experience

Enterprise-grade Lab Management – scalable solution that supports multiple projects and campaigns in the enterprise organization for virtual cross-functional and cross-geography teams
Centralized Gateway - full control of all mobile apps, devices, and emulators across the organization for remote development, debugging, testing and monitoring purposes.
Scalable Deployment – deploy on-premise or in a hybrid infrastructure and leverage local or cloud-hosted mobile devices
App and Browser Testing and Monitoring - run manual, automated, performance and security mobile app tests on real mobile devices for native, hybrid and web mobile apps and execute cross-browsers use cases
Remote Development and Debugging – run any type of development activity within local IDE using mobile devices hosted by Mobile Center remotely
Continuous Improvement and Optimization - analyze the usage and provide metering information for the system utilization to support business decisions
UFT Mobile Center  screenshot
UFT Business screenshot
UFT Business (Business Process Testing)

Place the power of building, data driving, and executing tests in the hands of the experts who may have little scripting knowledge. Capture business process flows and storing them as reusable, data-driven components for automated tests.

Business process models – Enable test automation engineers to establish the test framework design and develop reusable test components and flows based on unique business process models
Framework-based design – Scalable test framework built on the ALM platform with multiple technology and environment support
Shift-right with confidence – Give Business Analysts and Subject Matter Experts the power of code-free features that capture high-level test flows and mirror actual business processes
Service Virtualization

Create realistic, production environment simulations of application behavior and virtual services

Support for Multiple Technologies – create simulations incorporating a wide array of message formats, transport types, and even ERP application protocols to test everything from the latest web service to a legacy system
Wizard-built Models – model performance behavior of virtual services by using step-by-step wizards with no need for expert developers
Dynamic Changes – test for real or artificial conditions with insight and dynamically modify the test data and performance models without re-programming
Web-based Management – publish virtual versions of real application components and services on a shareable platform for use across teams with web-based management
Service Virtualization screenshot - ADM

Intelligent test automation for web, mobile, API, hybrid, RPA and enterprise apps

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