APAC DevOps Roadshow Agenda

Micro Focus Overview and DevOps from the Micro Focus Perspective

Five phases of implementing efficient DevOps practices to bridge the delivery gap most organizations are seeing.

  • Business Agility
  • Agile Development
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Application Release Automation
Business Agility & Agile Development—Bridging the gap between business and delivery teams
  • Agile processes for the development teams isn't new.
Coffee Break/Network
Continuous Integration—Testing early, testing often
  • Continuous Integration (CI) is a delivery practice that integrates code into a shared repository several times a day that is verified by and automated build and test process that allows teams to detect problems early.
  • This session will focus on best practices and practical steps that can be taken to achieve CI.
Continuous Delivery & Application Release Automation
  • Taking CI to the next level, continuous delivery (CD) creates an environment where software is an "always ready" to be released. This means taking steps to ensure build accuracy, quality controls, and the ability to release and deploy the changes to pre or post production environments.
  • This session will show what needs to take place beyond CI to get to a fully automated release environment that meets the needs of today's demanding customers.
Breakfast or Lunch

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