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Top 5 Challenges in Scaling DevOps in Brownfield Environments

1 hour | Gary Gruver, Mark Levy and

August 2017

Many believe that DevOps is primarily for greenfield projects. But, in order to compete enterprises must scale DevOps to utilize new technology solutions while maximizing the value of their current investments in critical IT infrastructure and business applications. Watch Gary Gruver, well known DevOps leader and author, and Mark Levy, Director of Strategy at Micro Focus as they discuss the main challenges facing large enterprises as they try to scale DevOps across their brownfield environments.

Leadership's Role in DevOps Implementation

47 min. | Dr. Steve Mayner

June 2017

Drive-in attendees will discover how well-trained enterprise leaders can have a greater influence on the success of an Agile/DevOps implementation than any change management method, methodology, or toolset.

Dr. Mayner will share research from his own doctoral journey, his observations of transformational leadership in action, and the results that followed. He explains the correlation between this specific leadership style and positive outcomes from Agile/DevOps implementations.

His research on the correlation between transformational leadership behaviors and the factors that contribute to successful organizational change was the first of its kind in the specific context of Agile and DevOps initiatives. As an SPCT and Senior Consultant for Scaled Agile, Inc., Steve is using his experience as a researcher, innovator, strategist, and transformational leader to help the largest enterprises around the world get better business results by implementing Lean-Agile at scale.

DevOps Drive-in with Gary Gruver—Starting and Scaling DevOps in the Enterprise

1 hour | Gary Gruver, author

January 2017

Is your enterprise looking to adopt DevOps practices to make its software development processes more productive?

In this popular on-demand webinar, Gary Gruver talks about how to start your DevOps journey and how to scale it in large enterprises, where change is usually difficult. He shares recommendations from his new book Starting and Scaling DevOps in the Enterprise and answers audience questions on how to adopt those best practices in their organizations.

Gary Gruver is an author and experienced executive with a proven track record of transforming software development processes in large organizations like HP and

DevOps Drive-in with Gene Kim on How to Achieve High Performance IT

1 hour | Gene Kim, author

December 2016

In this webinar, Gene Kim answers frequently asked questions and discuss his top learnings from writing and researching DevOps Handbook, a book he co-authored with Jez Humble, Patrick Debois, and John Willis. The webinar will include:

  • What we can learn from DevOps transformation case studies around continuous delivery and high performance IT
  • How much automation is necessary for continuous deployment and continuous delivery
  • How to measure your success in achieving high-performance IT
  • Why Conway’s Law and architecture can both hinder and help the achievement of goals
  • Techniques to build a culture of continuous experimentation learning—the kind of culture you find at Google, Etsy, Nordstrom, and Capital One
Enterprise Release Automation: Automating your Application Deployments in 30 minutes

37 min. | Wes Godard, Senior Solutions Architect

July 2016

Stop focusing on deploying and start spend more of your time developing. Automating manual application deployments means your dev team can reduce time to market and improve product quality.

In this half-hour webinar, senior solutions architect Wes Godard demonstrates how to automate web application deployments using Deployment Automation.

Leading the DevOps and Agile Transformation in the Enterprise

1 hour | Gary Gruver, author

March 2016

DevOps isn’t just for start-ups. But in large enterprises, adopting DevOps requires a shift in culture, coordination of work across teams, reinvention of legacy applications, and more. Before you undertake any change to improve your software development processes, watch this webinar.

Learn from Gary Gruver’s groundbreaking work bringing DevOps to HP and Macy’s. He is currently helping executives across the industry to transform their development and delivery processes. His book Leading the Transformation shows executives of large traditional organizations how to lead their transformation by applying Agile and DevOps principles at scale. In this webinar, Gary talks about the lessons he learned as an executive at HP and Macy’s—and how you can learn from them too.

Move Fast Without Breaking Things

1 hour | Julian Fish, Director of Product Management

September 2015

Development. QA. Operations. When they’re part of a large IT organization, they don’t always connect—and that makes release management challenging.

Why? Process maturity, methodology, and platforms tend to vary greatly across teams, organizations, and business units. These challenges often produce gaps between development and operations teams.

When there is a gap between dev and ops, release management runs into problems:

  • Inconsistent results
  • High costs
  • Minimal insight
  • Lack of audit compliance

Has your organization ever suffered from silos and disconnects? Watch this webinar. Julian Fish, Director of Product Management, shows you how to use Release Control to bridge the gap.

Continuous delivery series: How to automate your infrastructure toolchain

52 min. | Darryl Bowler, Solutions Architect

July 2015

Integrating your toolchain to support continuous delivery can be challenging. Different environments, tools, and processes make for long lead times.

Solutions architect Darryl Bowler demonstrates how Deployment Automation can reduce lead times by automating infrastructures tools such as Docker and Puppet.

Deploy Fast Without Breaking Things Webinar Recording June 25

1 hour | Julian Fish and Mark Levy

June 2015

Deployment Automation v6 helps customers manage their development-to-production lifecycle with unprecedented visibility, velocity, and control.

Join Julian Fish and Mark Levy to learn about the new capabilities of the v6 release. They start with a short overview of the product and quickly dive into a live product demonstration highlighting the latest features.

Continuous Delivery Best Practices for the Enterprise

1 hour | Steve LeWarne, Solutions Architect

May 2015

Your business depends on software. It's critical to deliver software quickly, yet the enterprise IT landscape is complex, sophisticated, and dynamic. Enterprise-level software development can result in a special form of chaos—but you can fight back.

Continuous delivery is a software development discipline where you build software in such a way that the software can be released to production at any time. In this webinar, Director of Solutions Architect Steve LeWarne gives you the keys to continuous delivery for large organizations.

  • How continuous delivery can resolve IT’s seeming inability to satisfy the business
  • How to begin implementing continuous delivery
  • Best practices and patterns that support continuous development in the enterprise
The Secrets of High Performance IT

1 hour | Jez Humble, author

January 2015

Everyone wants faster delivery and higher quality at lower cost. But organizations with large, complex IT environments inevitably struggle to achieve this.

Jez Humble authored books such as DevOps Handbook and Lean Enterprise: How High Performance Organizations Innovate at Scale. In this webinar, he gives the secrets to high-performance IT at the enterprise level.

  • What makes a high-performance IT organization
  • How you can start and sustain your journey
  • How to deal with typical obstacles you may face
Continuous Delivery: Integrating the Deployment Pipeline Toolchain Through Automation

1 hour | Darryl Bowler and Julian Fish

December 2014

Want software that’s faster and higher quality? Practice continuous delivery.

Want to do it right? Automate the toolchain.

Darryl Bowler, solutions architect, and Julian Fish, director of product management, demonstrate how Deployment Automation integrates the end-to-end toolchain and automates the continuous delivery deployment pipeline.

  • Accelerate and automate application building, deployment, installation, and remediation
  • Store and control your release deliverables
  • Gain visibility into and control of your application releases, environments and schedules
  • Integrate with development version control, continuous build, and integration toolsets throughout the production pipeline
  • Ensure and improve compliance with internal business processes
Accelerating Application Delivery with Continuous Testing

1 hour | Peter Galvin, SOASTA Inc.

November 2014

Peter Galvin, cloud testing expert, offers four tips for implementing continuous testing. He explains how continuous testing can ensure quality in every stage of the application lifecycle: development, testing, release, and, finally, actual user experiences. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to create a continuous load and performance testing framework
  • How to trigger testing every time code changes are delivered
  • How to implement automated functional testing of mobile apps
  • How to use leverage cloud computing for load testing and performance testing
Infrastructure as Code: The Future of Configuration Management

1 hour | Mark Burgess, CFEngine

October 2014

Today’s Infrastructure-as-Code practices address the scale and complexity of today’s IT infrastructures—which is why optimizing and automating infrastructure configuration is very much top of mind in the DevOps community.

In this webinar, Mark Burgess, industry luminary and co-founder of CFEngine, forecasts the future of configuration management and how configuration management plays a key role in improving DevOps processes like continuous delivery.

DevOps Drive-in: Automate Database Deployments in Your Continuous Delivery Pipeline with Serena® (Now Part of Micro Focus) and Datical

54 min. | Robert Reeves, Datical

September 2014

Automating your deployment process removes potential for human error, reduces risk, and brings reliability and repeatability to your application deployments. In this recorded live webinar featuring Datical CTO Robert Reeves, we demonstrate how to automate your deployment process to support Continuous Delivery by keeping your application code in sync with your database changes.

DevOps Five Years In: What Does the Future Hold?

1 hour 10 min. | Patrick Debois

August 2014

As the DevOps movement approaches the five-year anniversary of its first DevOpsDays, it’s time to take a moment to reflect.

  • What has the movement has achieved?
  • How has it lived up to its principles and goals?
  • Where is it going next?
  • Are we heading for a DevOps 2.0, or is it a daily build that continues to improve?

Patrick Debois, often called the founder of DevOps, shares his insights into the current state and direction of the DevOps movement.

DevOps vs. ITIL: Epic Struggle or Slam Dunk?

1 hour | George Spaulding and Mark Levy

July 2014

For over 20 years ITIL has reigned supreme as undisputed king of the IT infrastructure operations, while dev people opted not to play at all on the infrastructure side. But now relative newcomer DevOps has pulled the rug out from under King ITIL. DevOps has reshaped the entire landscape around releasing new projects into an established infrastructure environment. So who will win in the end?

Join George Spalding, co-author of ITILv3, and Mark Levy, DevOps Evangelist, as they battle it out in the DevOps Drive-in arena.

Five Keys to Building a Successful DevOps Culture

1 hour | Mandi Walls, author

May 2014

Imagine a world in which there are three steps to building a DevOps culture.

  1. Installing a configuration management system.
  2. Using a source code repository.
  3. Telling your teams, “Okay, now we are doing DevOps.”

Now come back to reality. True DevOps requires a shift in organization culture—a shared set of values and behaviors.

Mandi Walls, author of the ebook Building a DevOps Culture, outlines strategies for building a DevOps culture, including aligning incentives, defining meaningful and achievable goals, and creating a supportive team environment.

Continuous Delivery in the Enterprise: Powered by Micro Focus and CloudBees

1 hour | Mark Pritchard, CloudBees

April 2014

Don’t get stung by the challenges of implementing continuous delivery improvements in your organization. Continuous delivery provides a significant competitive business advantage when the path to production is integrated and automated.

Discover one easy way to achieve a 75% improvement in software quality as well as how to shorten development cycles by 3x. Join Mark Pritchard, senior director of Cloudbees product management, to learn the key practices to implementing Continuous delivery in the enterprise and automating your way to success.

Continuous Delivery in Enterprise—Overcoming the Key Challenges with Analyst Bola Rotibi

1 hour | Bola Rotibi, Creative Intellect Consulting (CIC)

February 2014

Award-winning analyst Bola Rotibi talks about the five foundations of continuous delivery and four of the key challenges in achieving it. You’ll also discover the top 10 things you should know about adopting continuous delivery.

Draw on Bola’s decades of experience analyzing software dev and deployment. You’ll find out how to overcome the barriers to continuous delivery in large organizations.

DevOps Frequently Asked Questions of 2013

1 hour 10 min. | Gene Kim and Jonathan Thorpe

January 2014

Gene Kim, author of The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win, answers the most frequently asked DevOps questions he has encountered during his time spent with high-performing organizations. Find out what defines high-performing DevOps teams and how enterprise-level DevOps differs from other kinds of DevOps transformations.

Eaton Vance Accelerates Application Deployment with Micro Focus

13 min. | Richard Michaels, Eaton Vance

April 2014

Have you ever wondered how you can bring order to your software release process without becoming a bottleneck? Release automation software can help, even in a large enterprise like Eaton Vance.

Eaton Vance is Boston-based investment management firm with more than 1,300 employees. In this short webinar, QA and release manager Robert Michael explains how Eaton Vance transformed its software release process.

Enterprise DevOps: Implementing Continuous Delivery and Self-Service Application Deployment

48 min. | Kevin A. Lee, Senior Solutions Architect

November 2013

Keeping track of application development can be a challenge. As new requests and demands from updates come pouring in, it’s essential to identify and focus on the highest priorities. So how do you plan ahead?

Watch the webinar to find out how development teams can adopt better planning and prioritization. You’ll also learn how to feed that information back to the business.

Move from 'Dev vs. Ops' to DevOps: a panel discussion

1 hour | Dave West and Damon Edwards

October 2013

Have you ever wondered how DevOps practices can be applied in your organization? Do you think it’s impossible or impractical for your organization? According to DevOps gurus Dave West and Damon Edwards, there are four components of successful DevOps.

  • Culture
  • Automation
  • Measurement
  • Sharing

Damon and Dave discuss how to apply these four components to DevOps transformations in organizations like yours.

Dave Nielsen on DevOps: Adding Value to Open Source using Commercial Software

1 hour 33 min. | Dave Nielsen, CloudCamp

June 2013

Tools like Jenkins, Puppet, and Chef are frequently used as part of a DevOps automation solution—and that’s great. It’s even possible to build a full release management solution that includes only open-source DevOps automation software. However, there’s a downside: You’ll need large teams of experts to chain things together.

Commercial software can help bridge the gap so you can be more productive without needing large teams to create and maintain your tools.

How to achieve DevOps nirvana stories from a release management expert

1 hour | Eric Kunkel, MMA Technologies

April 2013

Over the last 15 years, Eric Kunkel has designed and implemented release management processes and solutions for several different organizations. These organizations have benefited greatly from DevOps techniques.

  • Reduced application deployment time of over 90%
  • Reduced application delivery costs
  • Reduced application failures by 80%

Eric shares 14 key lessons he learned from his experiences implementing release management solutions.