Boost Your Server (and Your Bank Account) With Consolidated Recovery

Disaster recovery budgets typically over-insure their top-tier servers while under-insuring the rest of their server network. PlateSpin offers better performance at a lower cost to keep all of your servers safe and efficient.


Read the white paper to learn:

  • The weaknesses of traditional server protection approaches
  • How virtualization is redefining disaster recovery
  • PlateSpin’s five steps to implementing recovery solution planning to ensure fast failovers

Find out how you can get the server protection you need at the cost you want.


Using virtualization technology, you can configure a single physical server to run multiple virtual machines whereby each instance of the operating system runs its own applications as if it were the only operating system on the server.

Virtualization is accomplished by a layer of software called a “hypervisor” that resides between the hardware and the “guest” operating systems. It “abstracts” the guest operating systems from the underlying hardware, making them independent and portable.

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Consolidated Disaster Recovery
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