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AstraZeneca saves over $44 million using Micro Focus Content Manager


AstraZeneca is a global, innovation-driven biopharmaceutical business that discovers, develops, and commercializes prescription medicines. Its primary focus areas are cardiovascular, renal, and metabolic diseases, oncology, respiratory diseases, inflammation and autoimmunity, infection and vaccines, and neuroscience.


AstraZeneca required an electronic archiving solution that would simplify the archiving process and accelerate cost savings associated with system decommissioning. The solution also needed to assist Mark Dameika, Astra Zeneca’s Director of IT, Eric Crockwell, Enterprise Archive Service Lead, and members of the IT team, to clean up legacy data and comply with retention policies, helping to reduce risk to the company.


Micro Focus Content Manager provides AstraZeneca with a centralized global archiving solution. Content Manager drives consistent assessment and archiving practices across all media types including paper, which means AstraZeneca can use one tool for archiving, simplifying the company’s processes.


Dameika, Crockwell, and the IT team, with the help of Content Manager, have introduced a system and practice that has significantly boosted AstraZeneca’s competitive advantage and image with its partners and customers alike.

Using Content Manager, AstraZeneca has realized the following benefits:

  • Saves $44 million, including system decommissioning valued at $18.7 million in 2014
  • Reduces overall corporate risk
  • Improves data search from days or weeks to only hours or minutes, with corresponding productivity gains
  • Enables repurposing of IT staff for more innovative and critical tasks, resulting in cost savings
  • Leads to significant savings in storage due to identifying information that does not require retention or is related to decommissioned systems, and moving information that does require retention to the Content Manager database
  • Enhances and speeds up new research, business, and product developments
  • Builds strong competitive advantage and leading-edge reputation with partners due to rapid request fulfilment and competence
  • Reduces technology and information systems footprint, requiring less IT management resources
  • Successfully captures and archives key scientific data for quick discovery and retrieval in support of future projects and products

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AstraZeneca case study
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