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Resilient Self-Healing Cloud

Accelerating trust and resiliency

Our CyberRes solutions and integration partners enable enterprises to secure their cloud environment from design to development. We enable risk awareness, access, transparent data protection, continuous security, and real time cyber defense with real time analytics.


Building and maintaining stronger trust among customers and stakeholders is essential to accelerate digital transformation. CyberRes industry-aligned solutions help in building a trusted environment that secures cloud resources, business workflows, user and entity identities, applications, interfaces (APIs), and market capabilities. CyberRes Security offerings enable business owners to ensure necessary privacy, security, and compliance practices that protect cloud assets, identities, applications, and services comprehensively and, in turn, build a stronghold of trust.

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Cost avoidance

Cloud services require protection to avoid the cost of exposure that occurs through exploitation of applications, user jacking, and data leakage. Avoid or reduce the damage to your brand image and the cost of regulatory compliance penalties due to such data breaches. Reduce the risk of exposure by enabling context-aware, risk-based access to cloud resources; securing data in the cloud throughout its lifecycle; building continuous security into application development; and having multi-layer event detection and response. CyberRes multi-cloud enabled cyber solutions reduce the cost of operating a comprehensive cyber operations capability while accommodating cloud-native workloads and security controls.

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Rapid recovery

Quick remediation and fast recovery from incidents are essential to reducing damage and preventing it from happening in the future. Speed up your recovery by detecting threats faster with multi-layer, real-time analytics and risk-based insights and by responding to them with automated and orchestrated incident responses. A resilient, self-healing cloud ensures business continuity and mission integrity—enabling successful digital transformation and enterprise resiliency and reducing exposure time and impact.

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    Assess your cyber resiliency

    Identify gaps in your cybersecurity posture so you can create strategies to protect your enterprise.

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