Protect across your identities, apps, and data.

Manage identities.

Decrease your risk with secure, end-to-end identity lifecycle management. Quickly determine trusted identities so that they have the right level of access to resources and data every time—in real time.


Integrated platform of identity solutions: Manage the end-to-end identity lifecycle for users, devices, things, and services to deliver a secure ecosystem at scale.

Robust governance and management: Obtain insights into identities, secure your access controls, and quickly respond to audit and attestation requirements.

Advanced authentication: Take advantage of machine learning that monitors data and adjusts authentication requirements based on observed behaviors and calculated risk.

Eliminate vulnerabilities.

Find vulnerabilities earlier in all application types—on premises or in the cloud—at scale. Build secure software fast with a holistic application security platform that integrates with your current tools and processes and enables you to protect your business.


Fast security testing: Find and fix vulnerabilities in source code, including open source analysis.

Developer-friendly processes: Find vulnerabilities faster with line-of-code navigation.

Accuracy and depth of coverage: Ensure compliance with most standards.

Secure data.

Encrypt both structured and unstructured data with persistent protection. Apply analytics for contextual insights to data using industry-leading technology built by data science experts. 


Reduce the risks and costs of data breach with privacy and protection by default.

Ensure secure collaboration and productivity with policy-based data protection.

Apply data discovery, optimization, and management to address complex data privacy regulations.

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Responses to top questions related to becoming cyber resilient.

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Cyber Resilience: Building Intelligent (Business-Oriented) Threat Operations

Traditional Security Operations Centers have focused on protecting the business but have not had a clear goal to enable the business. To drive accelerated growth during times of adversities, the goal of the modern CISO is to pivot the cyber resiliency capability to support business growth, transformation, and overall enterprise resiliency. Intelligent (Business Oriented) Threat Operations is the next-generation evolution of the traditional Security Operations Center.

We’ll cover how SOCs need to evolve to support the business and how operations can be more business-centered to play a role in driving enterprise and cyber resiliency.

Craig Robinson
Program Director,
Security Services, IDC

Stan Wisseman
Cyber Security Strategy, NA
Micro Focus

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