NetIQ Security Solutions for IBM i

Improve the security of your IBM i servers and meet compliance requirements

Providing simplified compliance auditing, security monitoring and real-time protection for IBM i and iSeries systems.

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TGCentral allows you to manage multiple instances of TGAudit and TGSecure from a centralized, easy-to-use, web-enabled interface. You can also monitor and modify compliance reports and job activities for multiple IBM I servers using a single interface.


TGSecure provides tools that track, monitor and control access to IBM I or iSeries server, helping reduce network security vulnerabilities and achieve audit compliance.

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TGAudit provides security audit reporting, data-level reporting, and job activity monitoring to the IBM i and iSeries systems. This helps overcome the challenges of internal and external audit requirements.

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TGDetect for IBM i provides real-time monitoring and alerting for both system performance and security. Notifications can be via SNMP trap or email.


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