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Que vous développiez les DevOps à l'échelle de l'entreprise ou que vous commenciez à peine à les utiliser, nos offres de service DevOps sont là pour vous aider.  Nos services de conseil, d'implémentation et de gestion dynamisent l'adoption de tous les éléments nécessaires : compétences, processus, technologies et culture d'entreprise. Exclusif, notre modèle d'exploitation vous aidera à bien définir votre stratégie et à améliorer en continu la gestion de vos indicateurs clés de performance (KPI).


Enterprise DevOps: Innovate at the speed of business

Increase agility, lower costs, improve productivity, and reduce risk throughout your DevOps journey.

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Micro Focus DevOps Enterprise DevOps: Innovate at the Speed of Business
Micro Focus DevOps Model Office Blueprint

Micro Focus DevOps Model Office Blueprint

Our customers strive to accelerate the pace of innovation without compromising quality. Our Enterprise DevOps blueprint integrates continuous planning, integration, deployment, testing, and operations with security, collaboration and assessment best practices. A modular approach to simplify the adoption of DevOps.

First-time deployment success for one European retailer
Increased QA productivity for a US telco
Reduction in application code vulnerabilities for one US automotive retailer in 12 months
Enterprise DevOps Model Office
Enterprise DevOps Model Office

This fully functional, reference implementation environment, with pre-built integrations across the Micro Focus portfolio and third-party tools, showcases real-life use cases. See it in action in these videos: 

End to end demo

Continuous Security demo

Continuous Collaboration with ChatOps demo


DevOps Advisory Services
DevOps Advisory Services

Define a strategic and maturity-based tactical roadmap by understanding business vision and IT context, prioritizing initiatives and projects, understanding key success factors, and building consensus.

Continuous Testing and Integration Services

Increase the quality and speed of application development and delivery through best-of-breed technology stack and our DevOps Model Office and Operating Model. Read now

Continuous deployment and release services

Accelerate application release and deployment with end-to-end automated pipelines, including containers and hybrid cloud provisioning. Read now

Continuous collaboration and ChatOps services

Increase collaboration, boost productivity, and accelerate triage with enterprise bots, chat/war rooms, and integrated command execution. Watch now

Enterprise DevOps: Continuous Delivery Services service brief

Achieve the primary DevOps objective of accelerating application delivery end-to-end. Read now

Enterprise Agile Solution Discovery Workshop

Scale Agile practices to the enterprise with our Enterprise Agility Maturity Model, our maturity assessment, and recommended incremental improvements.

From this code development environment, it is now possible for service virtualization to enable application developers to reduce the dependency of other applications to the lowest.

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