Enterprise Application Management and Solutions for Federal Agencies

In every agency, the CIO to the department lead will face the inevitable challenge of modernizing information technology (IT) and the system and programs that IT supports.

These executives are inundated with vendors trying to sell them the latest "cost cutting" innovation on the market. However, most of these solutions involve years of requirements building, development, and implementation that result in the agency incurring years of significant upfront costs, decreased net savings in the long term, and at times deploying dated technology in the end.

Micro Focus can help test and optimize the software development lifecycle both on and off the mainframe, ensuring requirements and milestones are met on-time and on-budget. For 35 years, we have enabled organizations across the globe to maintain and update their application and software systems, providing tangible results that make a difference today, while laying the foundation for tomorrow.


Air Force

Caliber, StarTeam, and Silk Performer are on the US Air Force Approved Products List (APL). These IA accreditations allow US Air Force programs to operate these products on US Air Force networks as part of an ALM/SDLC platform.


Caliber has received a Certificate of Networthiness (CoN) from the US Army. This IA accreditation allows US Army programs to run Caliber on US Army networks as part of an ALM/SDLC platform.

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NETCENTS-2 Products

Immix NETCENTS-2 Products FA8732-13-D-0018


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Success Stories

American Management Systems

"Across the board, we've been very confident with the solutions provided by Micro Focus. We've increased productivity, saved on mainframe charges and integrated our people faster in their development roles using the solutions."

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City of Fort Worth

“We wanted to move across the applications without much change. It was important to maintain user involvement, and keep them pretty much in the style that the users were familiar with. By bringing everything over ‘as is’ we would continue to give the users everything they currently had.”

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City of Inglewood

“Micro Focus really helped save the day. They delivered a solution that helps aid the security of our citizens and at the same time retains our 99.99 percent fault resilience.”

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