2 Steps to Close the Gap in the Ransomware Defense


Ransomware is in the news a lot, and is one of the biggest security threats with a high level of awareness. Why does it keep succeeding in its attacks given all this attention? From the infamous WannaCry, which started in May 2017 and continues to wreak havoc today , to the new LockerGoga, which started in early 2019 and is turning out to be even more destructive, organizations all over are exposed to increasing financial and operational risks. With all the cybersecurity infrastructure, why is ransomware still getting through? This 3-page whitepaper explains how:

  • The dynamic ransomware landscape creates unique challenges for security software
  • A simple 2-step endpoint management and data protection approach can provide the insurance against ransomware

Join the others in closing the gap in your ransomware defense so you too can say ‘no’ to ransom demands.

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