Voltage SecureData Enterprise

Voltage SecureData Web
Voltage SecureData Web

Protect PII, PCI, and PHI data captured at the browser. Get total data security from the point at which a customer enters their personal data, all the way through applications, cloud infrastructure, and upstream IT systems to the trusted host destination.

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Voltage SecureData Mobile
Provide data security at the point of capture on mobile endpoints. SecureData Mobile enables end-to-end encryption for sensitive data, from native mobile iOS / Android applications through the entire enterprise data lifecycle.
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Voltage SecureData Mobile
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Mobile data protection
SecureData Mobile protects sensitive data from native mobile iOS / Android applications through the entire enterprise.
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Secure web capture

SecureData Web provides data encryption directly in the browser from the moment it is captured, using random, single-use keys that are dynamically and transparently generated.

IoT streaming data protection

SecureData NiFi integration enables organizations to incorporate data security into their IoT strategies by providing data encryption closer to the intelligent edge.

Host and terminal SDKs

Integrate into a variety of back-end platforms such as Windows and Linux as well as payment devices and pin-pads.

PII, PHI, and PCI compliance

Encrypt PII, PHI, and PCI data at the edge, keeping sensitive data protected as it moves through the enterprise, streamlining privacy to meet compliance requirements.

Valutazione di SecureData Mobile PCI DSS

Scopri come Coalfire Systems Inc., un PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA), ha valutato la soluzione per la sicurezza dei dati mobili Micro Focus e i requisiti specifici che copre nell'ambito di PCI DSS.

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