The need for mobile device archiving with Retain


Mobile communications are more prevalent than ever! Whether your organization has BYOD, corporate issued, or a combination of both, you need to have oversight and archiving of all mobile communication data. Mobile archiving is essential for regulation compliance, data management, and oversight.

Retain Mobile gives you that oversight and archiving! Retain mobile integrates with mobile carriers to capture text messages (SMS/MMS) directly from the mobile carrier’s network. Retain also integrates with TeleMessage and CellTrust, giving you the ability to have a dual-persona for BYOD. Employees can use the native phone and messaging capabilities of their phone, while using TeleMessage or CellTrust for business communication. Retain integrates with TeleMessage and CellTrust to provide you oversight and archiving of these messages.

For archiving of phone call voice recording (VOIP/Mobile) Retain works with UM Labs. UM Labs uses a policy engine to select the data in transit (voice/video/IM) sessions for archiving. All calls including encrypted calls are selected for archiving. Archived calls are processed to produce a playable recording; this recording is then uploaded to Micro Focus Retain Unified Archiving over an encrypted connection.

This captured data is archived and indexed in Retain and is immediately available to access, search, and perform eDiscovery. This data is archived, along with multi-platform email and social media in one central unified archive.

The need for mobile device archiving with Retain
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