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Case study

Worldline improved customer choice with Micro Focus modernization solutions


Worldline operates a mainframe-based credit card payment system, Cardlink, which has many customers in the financial sector. In recent years, Worldline has tapped into a new market segment – smaller customers without mainframe access but with a strong interest in the Cardlink offering. Kenneth Chiang, who heads up Worldline in Taiwan, explains: “We wanted to grow our market share, but recognized that our customers have different platform needs. Cardlink functionality must extend beyond mainframe deployment to meet this requirement.”


The best capability on mainframe and open systems Micro Focus’ reputation for low-risk mainframe modernization solutions was already clear to Worldline, according to Mr. Chiang: “We selected Micro Focus because of the high level of support for mainframe code, the focus on performance, and the ease-of-use and flexibility of the tools.” Micro Focus’ support for COBOL meant that moving a mainframe application on to another platform was very straightforward. An extensive Proof-of-Concept proved that 95% of the code could be moved without change. The first additional platform to be offered was IBM AIX, which Worldline has identified as a major new potential market. Using the same capabilities and technology, plus trusted mainframe-compatible solutions from Micro Focus, Worldline can provide a reliable, trusted solution on more platforms.

Moving the code involved development and testing using Worldline test data. The full product testing phase included development testing, unit testing, user acceptance testing, and pre-production testing. Using Micro Focus application modernization technology, Worldline felt it could offer the best of both worlds to its customers, as Mr. Chiang explains: “Running the application in parallel on both the mainframe and in a Windows environment means we can offer our customers more choice and expand into new markets.”


Worldline customers are enjoying more platform choice. By offering solutions for both mainframe and open platform-based companies, Worldline offers more choice in how to best exploit the value in their business-critical assets. The open platform solution offers the same advantages as the mainframe-based solution, as well as further benefits.

Mr. Chiang concludes: “Leveraging trusted Micro Focus technology, we have been able to expand our market share and offer our customers more choice. We can now provide superior functionality in mainframe and open environments, offering the best of both worlds.”

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Worldline case study

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