• Welcome Keynote

    Speaker: Saurabh Saxena, Country Director Micro Focus, India

    Keynote – Micro Focus Unique Advantage

    Speaker: Stephen McNulty, President – APJ, Micro Focus

    Micro Focus Unique Advantage is the knowledge and experience which puts us in the ideal space to help customers run and transform their business.

    Keynote “Bridging Now and Next”

    Speaker: Genefa Murphy, Global Vice President, Corporate Marketing and Enablement, Micro Focus

    Micro Focus delivers innovation that enables customers to bridge existing and emerging technologies; protecting their investments and supporting their digital transformation journey.

  • Confluence of Speed & Quality in the Digital Future

    Speaker: Eran Bachar Leader- Product Management, Enterprise DevOps, Micro Focus

    To stay ahead of the curve in the digital future, delivering at the speed of change without increasing operational friction has become imperative. In this session, gain insights on how to industrialize application delivery for improved business confidence and customer experience by streamlining and automating processes across Dev and Ops.

    Parity in Hybrid IT: Are you coupling fast enough?

    Speaker: Chane Cullens, Director of Strategy, IT Operations Management Product Group, Micro Focus

    The ground for IT operations is shifting. The adoption of fast-moving technologies for standing out in the digital future requires you to bridge the chasm between traditional and transformational IT consistently. Join us for this session to learn how to run your IT stacks with confidence, to accelerate innovation and agility in a hybrid world.

    Discover Guiding Constellations of Cyber Security in the Digital Universe

    Speaker: Jyoti Prakash, Country Manager - India, Enterprise Security, Micro Focus

    More powerful data, more connected apps and widespread use of the cloud in today’s digital age mean an increased level of threats for your enterprise. In this session, we will help you join the dots to decode the constellation of stars and their effects commonly known as threats and vulnerability, compliance and guidelines, expansion and agility, enabling you to be better prepared to respond to threats.

    Analytics for Enterprise Digital Transformation

    Speaker: Andrew Wild, President - Vertica, Micro Focus

    Organizations are sitting on massive amounts of data; most of it untouched. There is data from IT, Sales & Marketing, Operations and Third Parties and the need to integrate and analyse these diverse datasets quickly and insightfully is the key to any successful digital transformation delivering better customer relationships and operational efficiencies. Come learn how you can have a more strategic relationship with your data; one that cuts across your silos and eliminates complexity driving game-changing insights so quickly that you can automate decisions and drive competitive differentiation.

    Accelerating the Journey to Modernization- Application, Process and Infrastructure

    Speaker: Rakshay Mohan Country Manager, Application Modernization and Connectivity, Micro Focus

    Thriving in a competitive digital landscape would mean transforming the systems hosting the core business processes. This would demand innovation around modernization with low risk, accelerated delivery powered by agile development & continuous testing practices supported by flexible, secure & cost efficient deployment models. Learn how application, process and infrastructure can help you achieve unprecedented speed to market, competitive advantage and operational efficiency.

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