Micro Focus Enterprise Server™ provides an application deployment environment for rehosting IBM mainframe applications that have traditionally run on IBM z/OS environments. Providing the infrastructure to integrate mainframe applications with technologies such as .NET, Java, and SOA, and supporting the latest platforms including IBM z Systems, Micro Focus Enterprise Server delivers a fast return on investment to support innovation and growth.

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Enterprise Server
Data Sheet Enterprise Server
  • Supports mainframe application deployment to Linux (Intel, IBM, LinuxOne, IBM Power), Windows, UNIX, and the cloud
  • Rapidly deploy existing mainframe applications to new platforms
  • Reduces ongoing IT application costs by as much as 90%
  • Meet and exceed your application reliability availability, and serviceability requirements (RAS)
  • Modernize your mainframe applications using .NET, Java, and cloud technology
  • Integrate with your security infrastructure to provide appropriate application and system level security
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Enterprise Suite 3.0
Modernize Mainframe
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Increase agility

Supporting application deployment to key environments, including Linux (Intel, IBM, LinuxOne, IBM Power), Windows, UNIX, and the cloud, Enterprise Server enables mainframe applications to run with minimal change in your chosen environment. Move or replicate existing mainframe workload to new platforms for rapid expansion to new markets or geographies.

Increase agility
Improve execution time

Dramatically reduce batch cycle execution times by taking advantage of modern, distributed and lower cost processors.

Improve execution time
Secure your applications

Deploying mainframe application workload to new platforms requires flexible and comprehensive security to guard against threats and to protect valuable applications and data. Enterprise Server delivers support for a RACF comparable security capability, to enable the reuse of existing mainframe security rules for authentication and application level authorization. In addition, you can utilize long user names and passwords as well as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to further enhance your security strategy.

Secure your applications
Maximize your IT budget

IT organizations can innovate faster by reinvesting existing IT budget into new initiatives and rapidly deploying core business workload to new environments to meet new business requirements.

Maximize your IT budget
Reduce operational costs

Deploying IBM mainframe application workload to Enterprise Server has enabled some organizations to slash ongoing IT operational costs by up to 90%. Additionally, planned mainframe upgrades can be deferred or cancelled by leveraging the flexible, lower-cost Enterprise Server solution.

Reduce operational costs
"We estimate that the Micro Focus solution in a Linux environment runs at 10-20% of the original IT operating costs, so a saving of 80 to 90% of the mainframe costs which translates to full ROI within two years."
Jean-Jacques Dubois   /   Chief Technology Officer  BGL BNPP
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