StormRunner Load


以下のクラウドテストアドオンにより、StormRunner Loadのパワーを強化できます

Feature Details
Add vusers Dynamically add additional Vusers during the test run.
New relic server side metrics Server side metrics from your New Relic Monitor.
NV hooking - BW emulation Bandwidth emulation support in NV network emulation.
Enhanced load generator and error monitoring Dashboard notification area provides portal to load generator alerts and script errors.
China - Microsoft Azure China (Beijing) region added.
TruClient - IE, Chromium, Web Mobile Support for TruClient IE, Chromium, and Web mobile scripts.
Flex (OPLG only) Support for Flex Scripts. Available on on-premise load generators only.
Add Note Add notes to Report sections.
REST API REST API for retrieving test results.
Toggle Graph Legend Views Toggle between different graph legend views available.


Feature Details
Use your own Cloud account Use your existing AWS cloud account . Flexible VUser based pricing to separate your hardware and software costs.
Mobile Center Integration Use the TruClient Native-Mobile protocol with Mobile Center to test your native mobile apps.
TruClient Standalone Replaces the TruClient Firefox .xpi. TruClient scripts are now supported with on-premise load generators.
Pause Test Delay the start of a test for up to 60 minutes. Pre-provision load generators and then generate the load when your app is ready.
Configurable Percentile Configure the SLA percentile (85/90/95) for each test.
Support for long duration use case Long running endurance test support with large number of VUsers.
UI Enhancements New layout includes breadcrumbs for easy test navigation. Enhanced reports page.
Host File Override Configure host file in the cloud images by uploading them as part of the script.
Tech Admin Console and Watchdog for IP whitelist.
Network Virtualization Ability to emulate different network behaviors (WAN, Mobile, Wifi, etc.).
On-premise Load Generators Use your own test local test lab (LGs) with StormRunner.
New Microsoft Azure cloud locations Hong Kong (East Asia) Osaka (Japan West)
SiteScope on-premise Use your existing SiteScope account to monitor any SiteScope template, or monitor behind a firewall.
Web Services protocol StormRunner now supports Web Services scripts created in VuGen.
Unique parameters Web now support unique parameters in LoadRunner scripts. New Online Help Center Redesigned interface, easily searchable. TruClient now supports Firefox 37.x
New Online Help Center Redesigned interface, easily searchable.
TruClient now supports Firefox 37.x
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