AppPulse Active



最大20データポイントまで利用できるAppPulse Active無料版を30日間お試しください。



Trial Month-to-month Flexible term
Scripting services monthly fee Free Trial Free Trial Free Trial
Data points per tenant 20 Unlimited Unlimited
Support Online Online Online and Phone
Term Duration 1 month Month-to-month Flexible: 6 to 12 months

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a "transaction"?

    A transaction is a series of recorded steps that emulate a business function performed on the monitored application by end users. For example, banking clients emulate "login", "account balance view", "fund transfer" and "logout". These are 4 separate transactions that AppPulse Active emulates to measure end user performance and availability of the application business function.

  • What scripting protocols are supported by SaaS Public locations?

    SaaS public monitoring locations supports the following protocols:

    • Web - HTTP/HTML, TruClient - Internet Explorer, TruClient - Firefox, TruClient - Mobile
    • SAP - Web, Siebel - Web, Web Services, Mobile Application - HTTP/HTML
    • Single Step: FTP, DNS, Ping, Port
  • What is a "data point"?

    A single Data Point is one transaction running from one location (either from SaaS listed locations or from customer private location).

  • How do I know which package to choose?

    This depends on your business needs. If you're not sure, you can always start with the Month-to-Month package, and upgrade at any time! And if you have any special needs please contact sales.

  • How many locations can I use for my monitoring needs?

    SaaS has more than 75 monitoring locations around the globe in all continents - you will be able to use all of the listed locations.

  • Can I upgrade from one package to another?

    Yes - you can upgrade at any time. Please contact sales.

  • What is "scripting services"?

    Scripting services entitles you to request SaaS engineering team to create, modify and maintain Vugen/TrueClient scripts. With AppPulse Active scripting services, you can benefit from the SaaS engineering team's years of experience developing virtual user flows that allows monitoring of your production applications using all supported protocols.

  • Does Scripting Services limit my "script" base transactions that can be used?

    Yes, the number of transactions purchased for scripting services is the maximum number of transactions that can be used by your AppPulse Active instance scripts. You are not allowed to exceed the specified number of transactions stated in your purchase for all your 'script' base transactions. Scripting Services can only be purchased for all your 'script' base transactions and can't be purchased for only part of the 'script' transactions.

  • How many Scripts am I entitled to?

    You many get as many scripts as you need as long as the total number of transactions used in your scripts does not exceed the total number of transactions purchased.

  • What if I want to mix different packages (Month-to-Month/Flexible Term)?

    Each solution instance uses one package and one license term. If you purchase a different package or license term, you will get it in another solution instance.

  • Can I try AppPulse Active for free?

    Yes - you can try AppPulse Active for 30 days, at no cost! If you need more time to make your decision, please contact sales.

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