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Within a hyper-connected world and increasingly complex IT environment, organizations must innovate faster while improving quality and reducing risk. Your mainframe and COBOL systems contain decades of valuable intellectual property and are the cornerstone of business success. In many ways, these applications are your business. Derive more value from these proven systems by optimizing application delivery using Agile, DevOps, and next-gen technology.

Gain better insight and understanding into your core business systems. Take your existing applications into the future with the productivity of modern IDEs such as Visual Studio and Eclipse and new deployment flexibility with .NET, the Java Virtual Machine, Windows, UNIX, Linux, and Cloud solutions from Micro Focus.

I need to...

Optimize my mainframe spend by moving COBOL & PL/I applications to more flexible platforms and architectures

My existing mainframe applications are vital to the business, but their infrastructure has made IT inflexible to change. I must modernize and embrace new technologies in order to stay competitive. How can I quickly move to an agile, cost effective solution in comparison to my proprietary IT environment?

Improve time to market of new mainframe applications and services using Agile development practices and DevOps

My mainframe runs the business, but application delivery is slow, cumbersome, and complex. I need to find new ways to improve application development and testing on the mainframe while controlling cost and risk. How can I easily leverage Agile and DevOps practices to improve developer efficiency, continuous integration, and team collaboration across the enterprise?

Deliver new applications and services to my customers across a variety of platforms using COBOL and next-generation technologies

My IT landscape is becoming more complex to manage. The majority of my time is spent on running the business rather than developing new innovation. In order to maintain market share and pursue new opportunities, I must innovate quickly while preserving core assets. How do I leverage my core business systems written in COBOL to innovate faster while managing cost and risk?

Improve application delivery efficiency and skills to better support existing mainframe and COBOL systems

My COBOL and PL/I applications underpin the business, but I must manage cost and optimize resources where possible. In order to manage the IT budget and deliver on new projects, I need to find new ways to improve operational efficiency without sacrificing business continuity. How do I improve efficiency across the entire application delivery lifecycle?

Understand and document my COBOL applications

Achieve a deeper understanding of your Micro Focus COBOL applications providing business and technical insight to developers, analysts and executives. Enable IT teams to quickly identify, prioritize, implement and document application change activities. How can I better understand and document my COBOL applications?