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Micro Focus Collaboration is a complete collaboration software solution that provides email, calendaring, instant messaging, task management, contact, team folders, document management, and workflow functions. Collaboration brings people, projects, and processes together in one secure place to enhance team productivity. Micro Focus Collaboration has long been praised by customers and industry watchers for its security and reliability.

I need to...

Keep my email system secure, cost-effective, and firmly within IT's control

I need to give my employees robust email, calendaring, task management, and contact management tools they can use wherever they are. The same goes for my admins, who need streamlined, web-based administration to let them monitor, manage, and make things happen when they’re on the go.

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Collaborate and manage projects internally and externally

My teams need to manage, discuss, create, edit, and respond to each other using a wide variety of tools—all from one location.

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Deliver robust, secure email, calendaring and social business collaboration to today’s desktop platforms and mobile devices

I’ve got Windows and Mac desktops—with users wanting access to email and calendaring in either desktop clients, preferred email programs, or native apps. Not to mention they also want the same access on their own mobile devices. How can I have a simple back-end collaboration solution that can deliver email, calendaring, and instant messaging to multiple desktop platforms and mobile devices?

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