I need to...

Centrally track and communicate app requirements

How can I organize all the customer needs we have captured, and keep track of changes to requirements?

Collaborate on user requirements

How can I easily share and collect feedback from multiple teams so stakeholders can all help define app requirements?

Quickly assess the project impact when requirements change

How can I analyze changes to a project’s schedule and scope to control the overall risk?

Share Agile team progress on requirements

How can I give business teams good visibility into development and testing status when requirements are distributed in an Agile model?

Keep control of large, complex projects

How can I manage the cost and complexity of large-scale projects and help my development teams work cohesively throughout the development lifecycle?

Ensure the performance of web, mobile, and business apps

How can my QA teams validate that our applications will perform consistently, no matter where the end user is located?

Accelerate testing for desktop, web, mobile, and ERP apps

How can I centralize and automate testing while maintaining rigorous quality standards?

Be confident in our quality

How can I be sure an application is ready for release, with distributed test teams and multiple versions?

Contain software testing costs and test faster

How can I reduce the complexity of functional testing and reduce operational costs?