I need to...

Centrally track and communicate customer requirements

I need to centrally gather user needs and accurately define application requirements for both development and test teams. Making sure everyone understands and keeps pace with evolving user requirements is vital to the success of our final product.

Collaborate and collect feedback on user requirements

Rapid delivery requires effective and efficient communication. Email and spreadsheets just don’t cut it. I need to be able to easily share and collect feedback from multiple teams so our diverse set of stakeholders can all contribute to requirements definition.

Quickly understand project impact when user requirements change

As business priorities and customer needs shift, I need to understand the potential impact to downstream requirements and in-flight delivery work. Understanding work and schedule impact before making changes is critical. How do I ensure informed decisions in a dynamic environment?

Quickly review Agile team progress on user requirements

Requirements can be scattered across multiple stories and tasks. I need to give business teams good visibility into development and testing status.

Maintain visibility and control across the software development process

Our software development organization encompasses geographically distributed teams and disparate management tools. I need to manage the cost and complexity of large-scale projects and ensure my development teams work cohesively throughout the continuous life-cycle process.

Ensure a consistent user experience, anytime, anywhere, and on any device

My QA teams need to validate that our web, mobile, native, and enterprise applications have consistent functionality and performance, no matter where the end user is located. We need to ensure a positive user experience across a wide range of configurations at any scale.

Accelerate software testing across web, mobile, native, and enterprise applications

My release cycle time continues to shrink, yet the number of configurations that need testing continually increases. The demands of continuous integration mean my test teams must work at high velocity and our tests must encompass the ever growing range of user configurations and geographic locations.

Have confidence that my software is ready to release

Distributed test teams and different versions and variants add to the complexity of tracking our test assets. Which tests are current and who has them? How do we know our application is ready for release? What is the overall quality situation?

Contain software testing costs and increase speed of testing

We need to reduce the complexity of functional testing to reduce operational costs. Trying to increase efficiency and productivity when new browsers, platforms, and application versions are continually added to the support matrix is increasingly difficult.