Security and Trust Office

Response Center

Provides customers with proactive notification of security threats and servers as a response center for effective vulnerability management and resolution.

Proactive notification and resolution

Our Response Center provides customers with proactive notifications and updates about potential security incidents as well as it serves as the center for our customers to report potential vulnerabilities so we can quickly investigate them, evaluate the potential risk and execute an immediate response plan.

Response Center Procedures

Response Center Procedures

The Response Center has established an efficient process aligned with industry best practices to ensure that each potential security incident or vulnerability will be addressed, evaluated and communicated internally within Micro Focus in a timely manner in order to prepare a clear resolution plan.

face to face
정보 공유

발견된 취약성에 대한 사례 연구 정보는 비슷한 취약성이 다시 발생하지 않도록 R&D 팀과 공유됩니다.

Block based replication
Resource library

All case studies are uploaded to our internal Micro Focus Resource Center for future reference.

Finger print
지속적인 보안 인식

사례 정보는 내부 보안 뉴스레터, 보안 인식 일상 및 보안 교육 과정에 통합됩니다.

Report a potential product vulnerability

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