Security and Trust Office

Secure Development

Our mission is to assure the secure development and delivery of Micro Focus software products, increase trust among our customers and address & resolve security incidents.

Security Lifecycle Management (SLM)

Security Lifecycle Management (SLM)

Micro Focus Software has established a framework to enable the proactive integration of security into its products lifecycle. The integration of comprehensive security controls such as design review, threat modeling, security testing, and more into the product lifecycle makes sure the risks are identified and appropriate mitigation is provided prior to the product release.

Enable secure product delivery


Micro Focus의 제품 보안 수명 주기는 근본적으로 철저하게 구축되었으며 Micro Focus 팀은 오늘날 복잡한 위협 환경을 취급할 수 있는 포괄적 도구 세트를 확보하고 있습니다.

Requirements and planning

Define the required product security level, prepare a product security plan and high level specifications.

Shield 5

위협 평가를 수행하고 적절한 완화 정책을 확립하여 제품 아키텍처와 설계 구축

Certificate 1

포괄적이고 독립적인 제품 보안 테스트를 통해 제품 보안 태세 확인

Implementation and release

Build secure product implementation and perform first level of security testing. Perform final security validations and approve product version for release.

Screen chart

진화하는 공격 동향과 고객 피드백에 따라 안전한 제품 유지 관리

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