How to Choose an Enterprise Agile Platform

Agile development methodology originated in small teams with relatively small projects. There are several key challenges when adopting Agile practices at the enterprise level. Don’t assume the complexity, security, and scale of Enterprise Agile can be easily handled by any Agile project management solution. Before you even start to undertake Enterprise Agile, consider these key questions:


  • Do you have to spend a lot of time to make it scale, to figure out what plugins to add in order to do what you want, and to set up DevOps pipeline? Some of the seemingly cheap solutions cost large amounts of your time and make you lag behind the competition.
  • Does the solution simply give you a lot of test results but not the indications of application quality?
  • Does it manage development activities and data aligned with application architecture, so that resources can be reused?
  • Does it let you learn the trend from existing data, and avoid unnecessary work?
  • Does it allow you to oversee the status of your company’s related projects together, and optimize your investment in application portfolio?
  • Does it enable all stakeholders to collaborate smoothly, yet secure your project data with authentication, encryption, and role-based access control?
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