GigaOm Research Byte: Value Stream Management


As enterprises scale their DevOps efforts beyond pilots or isolated initiatives, their biggest challenge is coordinating information and activity between stakeholders, each of whom may have different needs and constraints. Their response is often to provision more consistent and structured pipelines, with better measurement and management across development teams. But it’s difficult to know which parts of the pipeline and toolchain to incorporate, manage and measure.

Value Stream Management (VSM) is a lean manufacturing concept that provides a holistic response to the challenge, by monitoring a delivery process in terms of efficiency in each step. It can identify bottlenecks that impede progress at specific steps, and enables the process to be improved as a whole.

This GigaOm paper explains how VSM helps enterprises to:

  • Assess the ability of their software workflows to deliver innovation into deployment, and make appropriate improvement decisions.
  • Provide real-time insights to decision makers to guide the day-to-day prioritization of development goals.
  • Link technology departments with the business, to support better collaboration on digital delivery goals.

As well as providing background into VSM, the paper also offers practical advice for:

  • Streamlining and incorporating business value at every stage;
  • Removing bottlenecks to scale rapidly; and
  • Considerations for using VSM.

Download this paper to learn how VSM tools can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your DevOps workflow, and how Micro Focus can help you deliver on your Value Stream Management goals.

GigaOm Research Byte: Value Stream Management
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