Crafting and Managing Hybrid Multicloud IT Architecture

By next year, 74% of enterprises expect to be running most workloads in public and private clouds. Are you ready to manage that?


A new report from 451 Research reveals that organizations are already embracing hybrid IT, with most running a mix of integrated on-prem and off-prem cloud services.

Managing across these environments turns out to be the big hurdle. Cloud management platforms (CMP) either work best with the vendor’s own services, or have limited lift/shift and migration capabilities. IT service management (ITSM) software has limitations in the cloud space.

In response to this growing need, a new generation of CMP technology has emerged: unified infrastructure management platforms (UIMs). They make multi-cloud IT management more flexible, smarter, and more data-driven.

Request the free report to learn how a UIM can:

  • Dynamically provision infrastructure resources of any type
  • Automate workloads to run on any cloud, to use your private cloud more effectively
  • Streamline IT spending across all environments
  • Provide on-demand resources for application development teams to speed delivery

Request the free 13-page report today to find out more about how unified infrastructure management can help you deliver IT as a service.

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