Hybrid Cloud Usage Poses New Challenges For Monitoring Solutions

A Dimensional Research Survey of 502 Cloud Professionals

Most enterprises have moved ahead with hybrid clouds, but their ability to monitor those environments hasn’t kept up. So why are hybrid cloud environments so much harder for IT operations management teams to monitor and manage, and what can teams like yours do about it?

Dimensional Research surveyed 502 IT professionals who manage public, private and hybrid cloud architectures to find out. Among the findings:

  • 9 in 10 enterprises use multiple cloud vendors.
  • 8 in 10 share data between public cloud and on-premises application.
  • Of those, more than half struggle to resolve problems when things go wrong.
  • 64% of cloud professionals said resolving problems is more difficult for cloud-based apps; 42% see it as their top challenge.
  • 96% said public cloud application issues are resolved too slowly, creating a negative business impact.


What Cloud Professionals Want

Many enterprises are still using a mix of older monitoring tools that don't span on-premises and public cloud infrastructure. The image at the bottom of the page illustrates the types of monitoring that cloud professionals say they need.

This report examines the key challenges cloud professionals say they face in monitoring hybrid cloud, the types of monitoring needed, the benefits of taking a hybrid IT monitoring approach, and the role automation and machine learning can play.


Get it Now

Download the Dimensional Research report, Public Cloud Usage is Growing Rapidly But Uncontrolled now to review the full results.

Hybrid Cloud: Enterprises Share Key Monitoring Challenges
Hybrid Cloud: Enterprises Share Key Monitoring Challenges - Gated Asset Page
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