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Net IQ

NetIQ AD Bridge

NetIQ AD Bridge enables you to leverage your existing investment in Active Directory to consistently manage and secure your on-premises and cloud-based Linux resources. Extending familiar and effective Active Directory controls and policies to Linux enables you to unify your environment and drive consistency to support governance and compliance.


Apply Active Directory security and configuration policies to your Linux resources to mitigate the risk of a breach or failed audit. NetIQ AD Bridge enables you to access audit logs and reports that automatically include your Linux resources, improves overall visibility, and eases the process of meeting governance and compliance mandates.

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NetIQ AD Bridge helps you get more ROI from the time and budget investments you’ve already made in Active Directory. Utilize an Active Directory bridging solution with NetIQ Privileged Account Manager, Directory and Resource Administrator, and Group Policy Administrator to take advantage of capabilities such as privileged identity provisioning, granular delegation and policy enforcement, and automation within your Linux environment.

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Eliminate manual, fragmented management processes and scripts by unifying how you manage authorization and authentication across your entire environment. NetIQ AD Bridge enables you to utilize the same managed identity to access both Windows and Linux resources, simplifying your entire hybrid identity and access management strategy.

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Ensure zero trust

NetIQ AD Bridge supports your zero trust strategy by programmatically adhering to established company policy and regulatory controls across the entire enterprise. If security and configuration policy is consistently implemented across silos, you can trust users to do their job without leaving you vulnerable to a breach or failed audit.

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