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Detect changes and track activities in managed services in real time to support event investigations and governance and compliance requirements.

Delegated Administration

Monitor changes

Monitor critical files, systems, and applications in real time across hybrid environments to detect configuration changes to critical files, platforms, and systems to help prevent breaches and ensure policy compliance. Get the right information at the right time to the right stakeholder—to help identify and mitigate security threats and protect corporate assets.

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Compliance control

Enforce compliance with evolving security regulations and internal policies by automating the entire configuration assessment, remediation, and exception management process. Implement automated delivery of vulnerability intelligence and identify and report on system misconfigurations (“drift”) and vulnerabilities that weaken security.

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Monitor servers

Implement simplified compliance auditing, security monitoring, and real-time protection for IBM i and iSeries systems. With multiple access points, tracking and controlling access to servers and business-critical data is more important—and more difficult—than ever. Improve the performance and availability of services running from IBM i platforms, as well as to extend productivity through secure and streamlined user administration.

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NetIQ Change Guardian

Monitors critical files, systems, and applications for unauthorized access and changes to detect potential threats and notify IT in real time.


NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager

Finds and repairs configuration errors that lead to security breaches or downtime.


NetIQ Security Solutions for IBM i

Provides easy compliance auditing and real-time protection for IBM iSeries systems.

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