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Resilient Energy Infrastructure

Delivering availability, security, and efficiency to energy infrastructure

The energy industry is working to leverage new technologies to complement and expand legacy infrastructure while facing an expanding landscape of cybersecurity threats. CyberRes energy industry solutions deliver availability, security, and efficiency to keep pace in a changing world.

Guaranteed service delivery

Energy availability is critical to guarantee the continuous operations of end customers. This is even more applicable to renewable energy, due to its reliance on IIoT, OT, and analytics to monitor the operations of the value chain. Energy infrastructure and connected devices are subject to advanced attacks that bypass traditional protective controls. Energy providers must be able to rapidly detect, remediate, and prevent attacks and visualize risk so they can ensure service availability.

The CyberRes Security Operations and Identity and Access Management portfolios are designed to provide the most mature and flexible models for protecting and monitoring IT, OT, and IIoT risk.

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Efficient operations

Smart devices, the smart grid, IIoT, and cloud-based systems can be leveraged by energy providers to not only enhance the customer experience, but also increase the efficiency of operations and self-assessment capabilities. Protecting and monitoring IIoT devices, cloud systems, and the supporting network is necessary to secure such efficient operations.

CyberRes Intelligence ensures efficient operations by monitoring for the tactics, techniques, and procedures of the MITRE ATT&CK framework, including lateral movements and privilege escalation attempts.

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Big data intelligence

Building a data governance framework and securing sensitive data through its lifecycle is necessary to reduce the risk of a breach. Actionable energy intelligence requires large amounts of data from numerous sources, such as smart meters, mobile and web applications, call centers, and in-person visits. If compromised, the data required for efficient operations and grid management would be valuable information to competitors and nation states. The collection and centralization of this data introduces a new area of risk to energy organizations.

The CyberRes Data Security portfolio provides governance and secure IT and OT data in its original format to enable downstream analytics applications.

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Securing the application landscape

The energy sector includes thousands of applications that are found in distributed energy resource management systems, virtual power plants, and SCADA systems. They generate and share data, which could result not only in a data breach, but also a critical power outage if the application were compromised Securing applications within both IT and OT environments must be included in a vulnerability management program to reduce the risk of an outage.

The CyberRes Application Security portfolio can secure mobile, web, and cloud-based apps through static, dynamic, and mobile application testing.

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