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Reimagine Trusted Banking

Securing trusted digital banking

Financial institutions are reimagining trusted digital banking. New customer experiences, innovative products, and new channels to markets offer a bold growth enabler for banks. Products and services must be rolled out with trust, resiliency, and security to mitigate risks, including payment fraud, ATM security, and other financial crimes.

Banking data effectiveness

Banking processes are complex, with sophisticated data models, event ontology, and schemas. The ability to consistently apply risk models across all data improves the effectiveness of a secure bank. The CyberRes Data Platform provides one of the most sophisticated, flexible, and scalable data platforms, enabling financial services to enhance their ingested events, logs, and other metadata. This includes a robust platform for parsing, normalization, and metadata enhancement. The platform is built on common industry-based standards that can be used in a provider/consumer architecture to drive better adoption and standardization.

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Banking visibility

A key aspect of enabling trust in banking requires end-to end-visibility of risk and threats. Banking processes, supporting applications, and processing gateways are often complex, typically not fully documented, and in many instances can have complex data models. CyberRes Security (Fusion) Operations solutions for financial services provide a next-generation fusion detection and anomaly detection capability. The solution provides an integrated framework to enable shared data experience (SDX) with a holistic fusion center platform, from machine learning to advanced threat detection, automation, and workflow. This extends from information, financial crime, and physical to integrated banking processing systems.

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Banking security

Digital transformation is a strategic instrument for driving enterprise growth and market acceleration. Successful application of cyber resiliency to enable digital transformation requires technology, people, and processes to align with the nuances of the business value chain. CyberRes Adaptive Authentication and Application Security provides end-to-end security through the digital supply chain. It is designed to address the nuances of digital transformation that are specific to the industry value chain, processes, and workflow.

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Banking trust

Securing the value chain for financial services is a complex, diverse, and expansive challenge. Banks must deal with unique risk surfaces, from retail banking risk to account takeover at the edge. CyberRes Data Security provides a comprehensive set of systems and capability to secure customer data from ingest and classification to data storage. From retail banking, online, foreign exchange, payment, and other functions within the financial services value chain, CyberRes delivers better trust, security, and resiliency.

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