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Trusted Digital Government

Building resilient digital public sector and government services

Public sector and government organizations are being driven to rapidly expand digital services to their citizens in support of open government and electronic government initiatives. They must also reduce cybersecurity incidents and breach impacts and lower operating costs. Implementing the right technologies to achieve these goals can dramatically improve overall service resilience at no additional cost.

Data exfiltration

Duplicate data increases your attack surface unnecessarily and exposes PII in any application to insider threats—whether user-driven or system process-driven. CyberRes Trusted Digital Government solves both problems by delivering NIST-compliant format-preserving encryption and archiving of obsolete data that can reduce the footprint of application environments—in some cases by as much as 50 percent.

CyberRes NIST-compliant format-preserving encryption solutions ensure that even stolen data has no value. The Voltage family of products streamline information classification by automatically identifying critical and sensitive data, applying governance policies, and enabling the appropriate controls on data. With Voltage, public sector and government services organizations can discover, protect, and secure sensitive and high-value data on premises, in the cloud, and in big data analytics platforms.

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Zero trust through TIC 3.0

Insider threats (insiders, third party, entities, malicious code resources, digital supply chain, etc.) are the primary threat to Federal data security and mission readiness. CyberRes Trusted Digital Government continuous diagnostics and mitigation (CDM) offerings deliver complete data protection, dynamic user access authorization, real-time responses to breaches and attempts, and secure applications during development and in production.

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Zero outage

Cyber breaches, along with related system outages and patch testing, hobbles governments and frustrates citizens. The CyberRes Trusted Digital Government—Zero Outage offering helps large IT organizations achieve an advanced cloud-enabled system with consumable services, build in appropriate security governance during development, find security issues early, and fix them at the speed of DevOps.

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