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Telecommunications Security

Rapid diagnostic of enterprise cyber exposure

The world is entering into a new era of ultra-connectivity as more people and devices than ever before tap into telecommunications operator networks and come online. Resilient telecommunications operator networks are critical to ensuring service delivery.

Building trust through automated security operations

Communications Service Providers (CSP) need to build “trust” into their digital environments, giving customers the confidence that their data will be protected and secure anywhere on the 5G network—including at the network edge.

Critical to success is an approach to security operations that implements adaptation, speed, integration, and automation. CyberRes Telecom Security Solutions ensure that 5G services and ecosystems are reliable and secure.

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Managed services offerings

The same trends that accelerate business—high SaaS application use, extensive numbers of roaming workers, expanding remote locations—magnify cybersecurity risk. Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) help tackle that risk for their customers. CyberRes Telecom Security Solutions for MSSPs—built on trusted identity, application, and data security solutions—minimize the time to value with fast provisioning, unlimited upgrades, reduced capital expenditures, and no up-front costs.

Our managed security services include Data Security as a Service, Identity as a ServiceSecOps as a Service, and Application Security as a Service. Using these, MSSPs can free up internal resources, quickly scale, and only pay for what’s needed when it’s needed.

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Big data protection with data-centric security

In this new era of global ultra-connectivity, billions of connected devices generate massive volumes of data—including smartphones, connected cars, and IoT sensors. Among this data is sensitive information that, if stolen, results in harmful consequences to both the consumers and the business. In the age of big data, this risk exposure is exponentially more dangerous. Even data that does not appear to be sensitive could be combined with other disparate pieces of data to reveal personally identifiable information (PII). PII can be used for fraud and can trigger penalties based on privacy legislation.

CyberRes Telecom Security solutions ensure data privacy protection, neutralize data breaches, and drive business value through secure data use.

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